Ted Cruz Reaffirms His Status as the Funniest Guy On Twitter at Bernie Sanders' Expense

A favorite running joke of the public’s is that Sen. Ted Cruz is the “Zodiac Killer.” Funny enough, it’s also one of Cruz’s favorite running jokes.


According an eagle eye’d Twitter user, that title may need to be taken from Cruz and given to none other than democratic socialism’s crazy grandpa, Sen. Bernie Sanders. The Twitter user found a picture of Sanders as a young man, and it looked highly similar to the sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

“We tried to blame this one on Ted Cruz,” tweeted Kyle Mockeridge.

Of course, Cruz watching his Zodiac Killer joke potentially fading away, pondered aloud why socialists are always trying to take things that don’t belong to them.

“Why do socialists try to take things that aren’t theirs?” tweeted Cruz.

Many people took this self-deprecation as hilarious, but Sanders supporters were a little less than amused.




Right now, Sanders is having to deal with his own problems. Sanders is beset by enemies on all sides, be it the capitalists, his fellow 2020 Democrat contenders, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders, who might be the biggest opponent Sanders has.

Recently Sanders had to promise to pay his staff $15 an hour after a controversy arose surrounding his campaign due to the fact that he wasn’t paying wages high enough for his staff. Instead of securing the pay for everyone’s jobs, Sanders had to lay off some of his staff and increase hours for whoever remained. Odd, since Sanders is promising this kind of wage for all Americans, but when it comes to pony up himself, his socialism has to take a back seat.

Remember folks, socialism is for the people, not the socialist.



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