Video: Woman Assaults Catholic Priest Mid-Sermon

SCREENSHOT Uploaded by Brandon

Catholic Priest and Grammy-nominated singer Father Marcelo Rossi has a massive following in Brazil with a congregation in the thousands, and while addressing his congregation on stage he was met with a mentally-ill LGBT activist who acted out violently.


According to the Daily Caller, Rossi was wrapping up a youth retreat in Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil. While addressing his young crowd, an unidentified 32-year-old woman, who reportedly traveled from Rio de Janeiro with her three-year-old to participate in the retreat, ran up and pushed the priest off the stage to the horror and screams of his congregation.

According to O Dia, a Brazillian media outlet, the woman suffers from bi-polar disorder. She had originally just wanted to speak with the priest, but claims that security guards were chasing her and sent her into a state of lost control.

“She said that she wanted to come in to talk to him and that she was scared the moment she saw the security guards running after her. It’s her version, but anyone who sees the pictures sees that there is none of it [security guards running after her]. She says she got scared and pushed him at a time when she kind of freaked out, lost control, but she had no intention [of hurting him], she just wanted to talk to him.”


She also added that what happened between her and the priest was “between [Rossi] and I.”

Rossi said that he does not intend to press charges on the woman, and hasn’t suffered any serious injuries.

Various reasons have been ginned up by outlets as to why the woman did this. Some reports claim that the preacher had just gotten done saying that fat women can’t get into Heaven, while other speculate that it’s because he had said homophobic things in the past. I can’t get confirmed reports of him saying either of these things, just claims.

As it stands, it just seems like a woman with a mental illness lost control and attacked a priest.



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