Do Black Lives Not Matter Much to Democrats Anymore?

In 2016, Black Lives Matter dominated the news as activist groups everywhere would confront everyone from Bernie Sanders to Republican nominees. Democrats wrapped messaging around the increased activism of black organizations in order to make their opponents look racist and themselves look like the caring and totally not racist party among a sea of racism.


The black community came out to vote for Hillary Clinton with 88 percent of the vote. Not as much as Barack Obama’s 93 percent in 2012, but still, an overwhelming majority. Trump only managed to get eight percent.

Now, it’s hard to think of any major thing being said about the black community from Democrats over its new minority concern, the immigrant from Central America. We’re consistently given news, comments, and sensational emotion from the party of the left over the plight of the migrant from south of the border. If black lives matter, they don’t matter as much to Democrats as they did in 2016.

This is sad news. The black community actually does have problems that have yet to be solved. While the Democrats have proven themselves the least qualified to solve these problems, their talent for only making things worse isn’t the point. The glaring elephant in the room of the donkey is the fact that despite solving nothing after feigning so much care, the Democrats have moved on because another minority has proven themselves far more useful.

You can’t flip on a cable news channel or click on a news website without seeing something about the migrant crisis splayed across your screen. The bookends of these news segments will consist of a politician or activist lamenting their plight while railing against the other party for their hand in it.

Even watching the Democrat 2020 debates feature politicians speaking Spanglish in an attempt to Hispander to their current minority of concern.


If you hear Democrats actually dedicate time to the plight of the black community, let me know. They’re so few and far between now, I’m having trouble remembering the last time the black community was actually talked about in depth.

The reason the Democrats have turned from the black community is simple. They’ve been taught that no matter what, the black community will still overwhelmingly vote for them just as the voter turnout for Obama and Clinton shows. According to Roper, Bill Clinton won 83 percent of the black vote during his elections. Al Gore got 90 percent, while John Kerry got 88 percent of the black vote when they ran for President.

The black community has been solidly in the Democrat camp in overwhelmingly large numbers for decades.

For comparison, no other race in America does that. Bill Clinton only won 61 percent of the hispanic vote when he ran against George H.W. Bush while Obama got 67 percent and Hillary Clinton got 66. Asian voters sometimes lean more in one direction than another, but typically stay somewhere near the middle.

At this point, the Democrats are taking the black vote for granted. Concern over the plight of the black community doesn’t have the driving power it used to, but Democrats aren’t worried about not talking about it half as much as they used to because they’re more than confident that the black community will vote for them anyway.


If I were a member of the black community, I’d feel awfully used. The Democrat party used to claim to be their champion and were looking out for them in the face of racist opposition, yet now that the cause of the black community is old hat, they’ve moved on. They’ll get scraps of concern here and there, but Democrats learned that they can create a much larger buzz and generate more outrage against Trump by putting the vast majority of their focus and effort on illegal immigration.

The only one really seeming to help the black community now is Trump, who lowered black unemployment to below six percent.

It makes you wonder if black lives ever really did matter to the Democrats. There’s no more outrage and screamed speeches to crowds from politicians, no more celebrities holding up signs as they march down the streets over concern for the black community. Just random mentions here and there.


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