HuffPo Threatening to Expose Personal Info of Pro-Trump Meme Maker After BuzzFeed Backs Down From It

President Donald Trump (R) is interviewed by "The Hill" - 6/24/19. Screen grab via The Hill.
Pres. Donald Trump
President Donald Trump (R) is interviewed by “The Hill” – 6/24/19. Screen grab via The Hill.

On Monday, I reported that President Donald Trump’s favorite meme maker was being threatened by BuzzFeed to expose who he was and open him up to danger from a left that has gone absolutely rabid. Now it would appear that BuzzFeed has backed down, but another leftist outlet may take up the cause.


Carpe Donktum is the pseudonym used by a meme maker who has created some of the most notable pro-Trump GIFs and memes circulating around Twitter. They’re so famous that Trump himself tends to tweet them out.

Donktum previously sent out tweets noting that BuzzFeed had done an investigation into him and discovered his identity. They were weighing whether or not to expose him to the public against his wishes and despite the fact that there’s no newsworthy reason to do so.

Now it would appear that BuzzFeed has dropped the notion of exposing Donktum’s identity, which should be the end of it. Thing is, the hard-left was hungry to find out who this enemy of the body politic is, and now HuffPo has taken up the torch according to a tweet from Donktum.

“I just received word that @HuffPost is preparing an article on me and they intend to print my real name,” tweeted Donktum. “Good Luck with that HuffPo.”


The sad part of this is that Donktum hasn’t done anything except create comedic GIFs and attend a White House summit. While I understand that, in itself, is relatively newsworthy, there’s little to no reason to try to find out who Donktum is in his personal life. BuzzFeed did note that they found no criminal history in Donktum’s records so at this time, the need for the left to expose his identity seems a little more like acting on a grudge than reporting actual news.

Perhaps HuffPo may do what BuzzFeed did and decide against publishing Donktum’s personal information against his wishes, in which case he will not be exposed to danger. If HuffPo has any decency left, it will also drop the expose.



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