Anti-Feminism Has Officially Become More Popular Than Feminism

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The day that was always inevitable has finally arrived.

Despite the media, activists, Hollywood, and politicians all pushing it in everything from the news to the movies, feminism has never been able to achieve complete saturation within the populace. It was always coming off as entitled, unfair, and weak, all while trying to bill itself as a movement dedicated to building strong women who support equality.


The public learned that equality was never the goal and the pro-woman aspect fell apart in the face of the way the feminist movement treated women who disagreed with it. Feminism was always at war with femininity, and women weren’t into it for the most part despite the media portraying it as some super popular movement. In fact, not only were women not into it, feminism created too many enemies with its abrasive behavior, nonsensical belief system, and asinine demands.

Thus, anti-feminism has now become more popular than feminism, and what makes this even more delicious is that BuzzFeed of all places has now had to recognize the fact.

Mark Di Stefano of BuzzFeed posted a tweet that shows some of the stats, putting the disbelief primarily on men.

According to BuzzFeed, the group Hope Not Hate commissioned research to see where the idea of feminism lies with the populace and the results cause them to think that we’re slipping into the “far-right” due to the acceptance of “anti-feminism”:

The survey, conducted by YouGov earlier this year, found 33% of people between ages 18 and 24 agreed with the statement “Feminism is to blame for making some men feel marginalised and demonised in society”.

Across all age groups, 42% of men felt that feminism was marginalising and demonising some men, while only a quarter of women agreed.


I want to take a moment here to point out that anti-feminism is not a “far-right” idea. In fact, anti-feminism is geared more toward believing in equality for the sexes than feminism is, which constantly attempts to garner more gains for women while denigrating men with accusations of “patriarchal privilege” and constant claims of sexism over things like air conditioning. It’s ridiculously lazy to assume that any resistance to a leftist ideal such as modern feminism is a result of far-right plotting.

In fact, most people believe that sexual equality is a great thing, they just reject feminism as noted by the BBC, which found that 1 in 5 women in the U.S. and the U.K. identify as feminist, but that eight in ten believe in equality of the sexes.

Feminism hasn’t been popular to associate with, even when the third wave was in full swing a few years ago. Feminism has always been antagonistic in nature, and the constant denigration of society because it wasn’t focusing on what the feminist agenda wanted turned people off. It even went so far as to make itself the hub of intersectionalism, making everything under the sun a “women’s issue.”


Women have enough issues to deal with, they didn’t need more. What’s more, the fact that women who rejected feminist principles, even if it was the most minute, were lambasted and dragged over coals.

Feminism stopped being something to sign onto and started being something to resist very quickly.

And so, both women and men walked away from the circus show. Feminism might not be dead, not yet, but it does look corpse-like.


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