Latina ICE Officer Becomes Internet Sensation "#ICEBae," Slaps Down Leftists Telling Her to Feel Ashamed

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Allow me to introduce you to “#ICEBae,” a Latina officer with the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She recently became something of an overnight internet sensation after appearing in a photo alongside Mike Pence while he toured .


According to the New York Post, the officer’s real name is Kiara Cervantes and she hails from Texas. Within moments of appearing next to the VP as part of his security detail, the 26-year-old woman went viral, earning her the nickname “ICEBae” due to her beauty.

Due to her sudden rise in fame, Cervantes created a Twitter account in order to reach out to her new fandom. She told them in a tweet that she is grateful for her job and that she loves protecting her country.

“WOW I am in awe,” tweeted Cervantes. “Thank you all for the support! My job is so hectic at this moment but I am grateful. I love protecting my country! [flag emoji, flag emoji, heart emoji] And I love my supporters!”

She also made mention that it was an “honor” to provide security for Pence.

She later made a video confirming that the account was hers, which has been shared around the internet.


Of course, the hard-left parts of Twitter couldn’t stand the fact that an ICE officer would get positive press, much less a Latina one. They struck back with all the force and fury of children throwing a temper tantrum according to the NYP:

“This country is a mess, we are praising and trending #IceBae when she is literally a guard at a CONCENTRATION CAMP, guarding CHILDREN IN CAGES, RIPPING FAMILIES APART AT THE BORDER,” seethed one Twitter user. “You’re all sick, honestly.”

Another person said, “#IceBae is actively aiding in the internment of men, women, and children without trial or even so much as humane living conditions. She, along with every other officer going along with this is a traitor to the very ideas of justice and freedom.”

At one point, an internet leftist said that she should feel shame for being a Hispanic ICE officer and that her parents should disown her, adding that she’s “literal scum.” Cervantes defended herself in a now deleted tweet.

“I think that’s really rude and naive of you to say,” responded Cervantes. “You have no idea who my parents are and no idea what goes into my job on a daily basis… before speaking on something you know nothing about…. DONT. Regardless I’m blessed and thankful for the career I have.”

Sadly, the internet can’t take someone like Cervantes existing laying down.


Responding to Daily Caller alum Scott Greer who joked that she worked at a “concentration camp,” Cervantes did give us some insight as to what people were seeing in the photo.

“I can’t agree with concentration camps. But… this station in particular isn’t meant to be a holding facility hence the overpopulation of aliens. We are doing our best but some people won’t ever understand. They don’t know the daily of what my job consists of,” she tweeted.

All things considered, Cervantes seems to be a pretty level headed individual despite the aesthetic cause of her fame. She’s actually a registered Democrat according to the NYP, though she hasn’t voted since 2014.

Let’s hope Cervantes’s 15 minutes of fame don’t result in the left terrorizing her over being an ICE agent. There’s a lot of that going around lately.


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