Report: BuzzFeed Threatening to Doxx Famous Pro-Trump Meme Maker Who Attended White House Summit

The left can’t meme, and, as such, their reaction to anyone who can create memes is going to be overblown. In BuzzFeed’s case, they’re willing to expose a man’s private information strictly because he’s good at what he does and he’s guilty of wrong-think.


This according to Twitter user “Carpe Donktum,” who is famously known for creating memes that President Donald Trump himself uses.

Donktum was arecently invited to the White House social media summit that corporations were not invited to, and the salt that has poured from them since has been immeasurable. One of BuzzFeed’s methods of lashing out is investigating Donktum and telling him that they plan to release his personal information to the world.

Donktum keeps his information very private, and for good reason. It’s not above activist groups to go to great lengths to intimidate and harm. Ask Antifa about that.

Donktum took to Twitter to tell the world was BuzzFeed was planning.

“Just a friendly Heads Up, [BuzzFeed] is currently in the midst of a moral dilemma about whether or not they should Dox me and my family,” tweeted Donktum. “An act that is now a commonly used arrow in the quiver of the MSM, I have respectfully asked that they respect my wishes.”

“I have spoken with a reporter from Buzzfeed and they claim to have found my private Facebook profile, run a background check on me, and are prepared to release my name to the public, despite finding that I have no criminal background, nor is there any Newworthy [sic] reason to do so,” he said in a followup tweet.


“I have explained to them that this morally reprehensible act would put not only myself in very real danger, but my family who are VERY MUCH private citizens,” continued Donktum. “While I realize that I have become somewhat of a public figure, my family are not.”

“In the current political climate, I have been very lucky that MANY MSM outlets have respected my wishes to remain anonymous. This move from Buzzfeed is just the most recent in a long history of lesser outlets being used as launch point for harassment. MSM will follow suit,” he added.

This is a massive misuse of BuzzFeed’s power as a mainstream platform. While Dontkum has a clear political stance, he has not done anything to warrant harm against him. However, the left seems to believe that exposing him to the worst is completely okay since he and Donald Trump are mutual fans. In the court of public opinion, Donktum is guilty of wrong-think, and BuzzFeed is going to play judge and jury, and leave the executing to the public after that.


If BuzzFeed does go through with this, then you can bet that Dontkum and his children will be threatened.

This isn’t the first time the media has threatened to doxx someone over a simple meme. CNN was so displeased with a gif of Trump body slamming CNN in a gif that CNN actually threatened to doxx the meme maker if he ever did it again. It led yours truly to create this video.


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