Zuckerberg Is Awfully Interested In Keeping Track of Your "Zuckerberg Is an Alien" Memes

It would appear that Facebook creator and cold-blooded CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a little sensitive about some of the things said about him…perhaps…a little too sensitive.


That Facebook has been monitoring your various activities to make sure it passes its nebulous ruled smell test rules is something we already knew judging by the fact that you could be suspended or restricted for so much as sneezing in the wrong direction. However, according to Gizmodo, Facebook was also tracking how the public viewed and spread ideas about Zuck using a program called “Stormchaser.”

Including the one about him being a secret alien wearing a human suit:

Citing former employees and internal documents, Bloomberg reported that Stormchaser has been used by Facebook employees since 2016 to track viral content involving everything from “Delete Facebook” campaigns to claims that Zuckerberg is an alien (big if true). In some cases, the company reportedly targeted sharers of such content with specialized messages to debunk bogus claims, including memes and those dumb “copy and paste” posts people still love to share for some inexplicable reason. A spokesperson told the outlet it stopped using Stormchaser to track memes midway through last year.


In other words, Zuckerberg seems awfully uncool about the idea of you spreading the idea that he’s from planet Zorpborp.

It’s funny to think about the idea that Zuckerberg — one of the most powerful people on the planet thanks to his ability to addict and keep around 2 billion people on his site — is sitting in his office seething over the fact that you’re making fun of his inability to come off as an everyday person, and not a creepy basement dweller with all the social skills of a chameleon.

Or perhaps…he acts perfectly normal for a chameleon.

In any case, it would be absolutely awful if you shared this article around on Facebook and spread the joke around that Zucky is actually a lizard person from the planet Zorpborp. Just do so under the knowledge that he’s got both eyes on you…at the same time.


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