O'Rourke Didn't Know It, but He Perfectly Demonstrated How the Left Doesn't Truly Believe In Social Justice

Beto O’Rourke by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Just the other day, failed Texas Senate contender and current 2020 straggler Robert “Beto” O’Rourke told a group of refugees that America was founded on white supremacy. As my colleague Bonchie pointed out in his coverage of it, this is a bold faced lie. It was founded on an ideal of an idea that lead to one of freest places on the planet.


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Even if America was based on a principle of “white supremacy” then these central American refugees seem love them some white supremacy seeing as how they’re risking their lives to cross a border for a chance to stay at one of our “concentration camps.”

I mean, really, if you break down the leftist talking points and compare them to reality, they really do sound absurd.

Regardless, O’Rourke made this statement because he thought that if he did, it would give him points with the radical movement that have taken over the Democrat party. He believes that by buying into the more extreme viewpoints of the Ocasio-Cortez left, they’ll pat him on the back and toss him an approval point.

In other words, O’Rourke has relegated himself to being a dog that performs tricks for treats. He sits on command, rolls over when told, and barks out ridiculous phrases, all for a chance at a meager reward.

At least it’s cute when my dog does it. When a grown man does it for people who aren’t going to vote for him anyway, it looks so pathetic that I almost feel sorry for him.


But that O’Rourke is doing this simply because he thinks it will make him popular leads me to my point. I doubt that O’Rourke truly believe that America was founded on white supremacy. If he did truly believe it, then his next course of action should be pretty clear.

He should drop out of the race and endorse one of the non-white candidates. If he truly believes that the country who continuously elects representatives of different races, including a president,  is based on white supremacy then he should stop flailing like a person drowning in a lake and bow out with a nod at someone like Kamala Harris or Spartacus.

But he likely won’t. He’ll keep flailing while making these ridiculous statements that have zero substance to them because he continuously demonstrates that he doesn’t believe them.

And here we see the overall problem with radical leftism. As I wrote in an article on Tuesday, the social justice left doesn’t actually care about the things it professes to care about. It wants you to believe they do so they can appear to have a moral edge on its competition, but really what they want is for you to feel like they’re the safe hands that power should rest in.


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O’Rourke is out of ideas, so his last gasp is to sit on a lie and hope it plays well. The problem is that the lie he chose proves that what he’s saying is, in fact, a lie. The longer he stays in the race, the more proof we have that he is, indeed, lying.



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