MSNBC Fears the Dank Memes of Benny Johnson, and They're Right To

Benny Johnson interviews AOC's constituents, asks them about socialism

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson tweeted that Thursday has been the best day of his life, and to be honest, I can’t disagree with him. It’s not everyday that two different networks simultaneously mention you in such hilarious ways that you wonder if you’ll ever laugh this hard again.


For one CNN, noted that Johnson was one of the people chosen to attend a social media summit at the White House, but ended up confusing him with TPUSA founder and Director, Charlie Kirk.

While that’s kinda funny, it’s not surprising. CNN is constantly making gaffes like this, and I’m don’t expect one of the worst performing cable news networks to get things right the majority of the time anyway.

No, the most hilarious part came when MSNBC singled out Johnson over fears that he may share some of his — and this is not a joke — “dank memes” with President Donald Trump.

This is a real life thing that happened…in the real world…on an actual news channel. Watch for yourself.

Why would the left fear Johnson handing “dank meme” ideas to the President.


Because the left can’t meme.

In the age of the internet where a person’s attention span makes an ant look large, memes are one of the most effective ways to make a point, tell a joke, or expose an inconvenient truth. The latter two are things the left typically tries to avoid by keeping everything as politically correct and/or nebulous as possible.

You’ll often notice comedy is under attack by the left, even to the point where well established comedians like Jerry Seinfeld becomes very choosy as to where he performs for fear of upsetting social justice leftists on campus, and humor is one of the best ways to expose a truth that many in our society tend to try to cover up in its quest for political correctness.

Because of this, the left fails to make memes. When they try they come off as unfunny and even sometimes cringe-worthy. There’s not bite to them.

Here’s an example. Below is a meme currently floating around on Reddit created by the right.

It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s hilarious. I don’t think I have to explain why.

Now here’s a meme from the left.


There’s no joke here, and it comes off as pompous and try-hard. It reeks of the elitist attitude many leftists tend to take against their ideological opponents. In fact, I’d be perfectly convinced if someone told me this meme was created by the right to mock the left.

Johnson is known for creating viral content that wrecks left leaning narratives and, despite it being pretty funny that MSNBC actually used the term “dank memes,” their fear of Johnson — heh — isn’t actually that weird. If the President learns to communicate to the populace like Johnson does and without looking like a “hey fellow kids” meme in the process, then the left will have a serious problem on their hands.


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