LGBT Site "Queerty" Tries to Create False Narrative About Right-Wing Homophobia With Zero Proof, Internet Responds

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If you were watching the US women’s soccer team celebrate their victory over the Netherlands, then you likely watched as Megan Rapinoe tossed the flag to the ground in order to pose during her celebrations.


FIFA seems to be killing any video of it, but Caleb Hull managed to put it back up. Watch it now, because there’s no telling how long it’ll be allowed to stay up before Twitter takes it down again.

As that happened, however, fellow player Kelley O’Hara ran up and snatched the flag off the ground, earning her the respect of Americans who found Rapinoe’s carelessness with the flag insulting and offensive.

At some point in the celebration, O’Hara, a lesbian, went up to her girlfriend and kissed her. The moment was captured on camera and displayed to the world. According to Queerty, an LGBT site apparently dedicated to being the victim of outrage whether it’s real or not, celebrated this moment by proclaiming that Republicans and Trump fans were all about O’Hara until that moment in an article titled “Trump fans adopted soccer star Kelley O’Hara as their hero. Then they watched this kiss”:

As the far right singled out O’Hara for praise, few pundits noticed that after picking up the flag, she rushed across the field to her girlfriend and locked lips. That makes her the 42nd identifiable LGBTQ player in the Women’s World Cup.


Who the “far right” is or which “pundits” noticed her kiss after rescuing the flag, Queerty author David Reddish doesn’t say. We’re just supposed to believe that they “watched the kiss” and infer that “far right” figures were outraged and now hate her.

Queerty tweeted the article out to Twitter in order to garner the outrage of its readers, but instead got slapped down by more or less everyone for its blatant attempt to create a narrative through dishonest and half-baked commentary.


At the time of this writing, Queerty is being ratio’d heartily with 4.5k in responses compared to its likes which currently sit at over 750.

And it’s right for this to happen. Narratives that say the right hates the LGBT community get created from little to nothing and are spread to the populace who, if they aren’t politically aware, tend to absorb the message and believe that the right truly has it out for gays and lesbians. While it’s impossible to deny that there are people out there who hate gays and lesbians, they make up a minuscule part of the population, and what’s more, they aren’t all on the right.

The problem doubles when they say it’s primarily trump who hates gays and lesbians. As Trump is the President, they believe that the United States in general is hostile to the LGBT community. The problem here is that Trump doesn’t hate the LGBT community. In fact, he’s technically the first President to embrace them from the get-go, and never had to “evolve” about it as Obama did.


The truth is that the vast majority of the right doesn’t care about O’Hara kissing her girlfriend. It’s not an issue. Whatever information the left is working off of to be able to claim the right is homophobic is outdated by years, and may have been overblown in the first place judging by how quickly left-leaning activists make every minor incident a moment of pure hatred and bigotry. You can ask Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado about that.

But why use reasoning when you could easily create a boogie man out of the “far right” and get people to take sides out of outrage and get them to vote for your party?



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