It Was Never About the Breasts: SJW Outrage Over Depictions of Women Is About Control, Not Care

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The social justice infected parts of the left have pushed the idea on the populace that they hold the moral high ground. Be it their concern for violence, depictions of women and minorities, or how various story lines are “problematic,” the social justice warrior always puts up the front that they care about these things because it may cause damage to our society.


It’s a pleasant looking veneer that hides a sinister intent. It’s a way to mask the selfish desires of a group of people who have zero business deciding how we live, work, and play. It’s always been about control, never about care.

A good example is the recent fervor that arose around the way a famous character is portrayed in the remake of one of the most popular video games of all time, Final Fantasy VII.

The character in question, Tifa Lockhart, has always been depicted as an attractive, fit, raven haired girl with large breasts. This has angered the living daylights out of social justice warriors who have always complained that Tifa is a character solely built for the male gaze and is absolutely unrealistic. The complaints have had their effect. Square-Enix, the game’s publisher, handed down an order from its “ethics department” to “restrict her chest.” Now, in the upcoming remake for the game, Tifa’s breasts don’t seem to have been reduced in size, just given a better sports bra to contain them.

As Ashe Schow wrote over at The Federalist, the developers of the game seem to be pushing back against the outrage brigades and aren’t fully cooperating with the “ethics department.” In fact, it’s seemingly spiting them.

The pushback on this narrative was instant. YouTuber Liana Kerzner proved that they do, in fact, make bras for breasts as large as Tifa’s character.


Furthermore, as I covered on Tuesday, a study was recently released that proved video game depictions of women don’t damage the self-image of women, nor does it make them aggressive toward each other as some have claimed.

We’re told outrage erupted from the men in the gaming community over the change to Tifa’s look, but outside of a handful of online posts at various websites, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of anger toward it. Still, the social justice brigades used this narrative that gamers were the sexists they said they were all along.

The pattern here is obvious. SJWs are attempting to find solutions to a problem that aren’t there. Research shows us that depictions of characters like Tifa aren’t damaging to women. Men aren’t ready to riot in the streets over a characters breast size being reduced. The narrative being crafted is that without the guidance of social justice advocacy groups, industries would be left to being dictated by villainous people such as the sexists who force women to view characters they’ll likely never look like.

This is a typical part of the SJW playbook. It’s the offer of “you’re about to be in big trouble but we can help you if you just let us tell you what to do.” You can see this perfectly with feminist activist Anita Sarkeesian’s recent attempted to do this to CD Projekt Red after SJWs found a window for outrage over a depiction of a trans person on a billboard within the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. Sarkeesian publicly attempted to shame the game company while offering her “help.”


She followed that up with an offer to every gaming company to help them “avoid these kinds of mistakes.”

It’s so kind of her to offer this threat of “help” to various developers and publishers especially in light of the fact that Sarkeesian is going broke.

Day follows night, the flu virus makes you sick, and social justice activists will try to find a way to get you invite them into your company as “advisers” in the same way vampires try to get you to invite them into your home so they can cross the threshold and suck your lifeblood dry.

And failure is a constant result of allowing these activists to “help” avoid these “mistakes.” Uninspired stories, shallow characters, and alienation of the fan base is a constant pattern. Take, for instance, the much beloved Mass Effect franchise. The initial trilogy was absolutely remarkable with characters you truly fell in love with and an epic story line that proved the gaming industry was just as good, if not better, at telling stories than Hollywood.


However, social justice warriors worked their way into development company Bioware, and the fourth installment of Mass Effect ended up being an unmitigated disaster that is reviled among the gaming community. I won’t go into detail, but if you want more on that, Dunkey, a well known gaming YouTuber, made an amazing video that summed up the disaster that it was.

It’s no different in Hollywood or in the comic world. Female Thor was awful, and 2016’s Ghostbusters were was an abject failure, both hated by fans, but only kept in the limelight by the media’s insistence that these movies matter because they were made with intentions of those claiming the moral high ground and against the wishes of “evil” people.

All these failures have a common thread. They were made after social justice ideas that cause rot infected their respective creators. The inherent need to want to do and be good caused creators and publishers to embrace liars and charlatans who truly believe that by controlling what we see and hear, and fashion all things to be what they consider moral, that we’ll be better off as a society. They don’t care that they’re constantly proven wrong, or that the product that they “helped” make flopped horrifically. They don’t care that the company they worked for suffered, or that people lost jobs, or that lives are destroyed.

Social justice activists are parasitic. They infect the host, damaging or killing it, then move on to the next, reaping their own gains along the way. Their “care” for women, minorities, or the “disadvantaged” members of our society is a ruse to get you to invite them to latch on. They don’t truly care about any of the things they say they do. You can see that by the way they treat members of these groups who disagree with them.


As such, Tifa Lockhart’s breast size matters so little it barely registers on the outrage meter, yet in order to gain control, social justice activists will happily feign insult and offense in order to work their way into an industry and “save it”…for a price.


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