The Internet Promotes Boycotting Home Depot After Retired Co-Founder Openly Says He's Pro-Trump

The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, became wealthy as his stores opened up all sorts of possibilities for the DIYers and made it far easier for construction workers to operate. As a businessman who helped businesses build businesses, it should come as no surprise that Marcus appreciates businessmen, and so he seems to like Donald Trump.


In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Marcus admitted that he likes Trump — while not agreeing with everything he does and says — and made it no secret that he’s donated millions to his campaign. He also plans to do so again. Not as much as he does to philanthropic causes, but enough to help the President’s reelection:

He also has been a major political donor. According to, he was a top contributor to Donald Trump during his presidential run. And Marcus told the AJC that he plans to support the president’s re-election bid. While Trump “sucks” at communication, Marcus said, the president deserves praise for boosting U.S. jobs, confronting China on trade and taking action against Iranian and North Korean aggression.

Marcus said his political giving remains far smaller than what he gives to philanthropic causes and what he plans to give in the future.

As you can probably imagine, the left lost its ever loving mind over this and are now attempting to generate a boycott against Home Depot with a fancy new hashtag, “#BoycottHomeDepot.”

The hashtag went viral, but the problem is that tweets actually looking to promote the hashtag are far fewer than I expected with the hashtag allegedly being so popular. At the time of this writing, at least, much of the contributions to the hashtag are people making fun of the few people who are actually planning on boycotting the store because its co-founder is pro-Trump.


On that note, Marcus actually retired in 2002 and, once again, the left is wasting its outrage on something that won’t hurt the person guilty of wrong-think.

What will likely happen is that Home Depot won’t see any damages from this “boycott.” People who shop at Home Depot do so because it helps them do work and it’s the easiest place to shop for tools and materials. Like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby before it, we can probably look forward to seeing people enthused to shop there just to spite people being angry about its now retired founder being a Trump backer.



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