USWNT Fans Who Chanted Curses at Trump on Live TV Go on to Give Eye-Roll Worthy Anti-Trump Interview

Screenshot: YouTube Uploaded by Brandon

In true Democrat fashion, those planning to vote against Trump decided to make the victory by the U.S. women’s soccer team political because, as you know, everything has to be political.


As my colleague Elizabeth Vaughn previously covered, a Fox News report covering the celebrations at a bar in France suddenly became political. As the reporter began his live-on-location coverage of the crowd’s celebration, a guy in a red hat bearing an American flag began shouting “f**k Trump” repeatedly and causing the crowd to join him in the chant.

It only got more cringe-worthy, as reported by Caleb Howe at TheBlaze. Fox News decided to interview the crowd and what followed was more of a political statement than a sports victory celebration.

The reporter tried to keep it relegated to talk about the team, but when he came back to the man in the red hat who started the aforementioned chant, it came right back around to Trump after being asked if he had any doubts that the U.S. team would win.

“None! None whatsoever,” said the man in the red hat. “Now we need to win in 2020.”

“Democrats!” screamed the man into the microphone, causing the people around him to shout the same.

“Get that racist out of the White House!” shouted the red hat man.


According to Howe, an Irish blog also interviewed the left-leaning crowd at the bar and went further in-depth with their thoughts and feelings. Sure enough, it was still about politics. The man in the red hat celebrated that the U.S. women’s team was diverse in race and sexuality, instead of, ya know, winning a big victory:

“I mean, I think our team really represents what America is about,” said the ringleader, in a red but non-MAGA baseball cap that had a non-Betsy Ross American flag on it. “So we have diversity racially, we have an LGBTQ population represented, and that’s what Americans get behind.”

“So, I think Trump is really the old guard and it’s kind of the last grasp for them to keep power,” he continued. “But power should be divided amongst everyone.”

The next person interviewed was a female fan, whose remarks consisted in the main of observing that the players are also female.

After that was a young male fan, who explained how female fans should feel now that the World Cup has presented a great opportunity for them to see “their idols” on a big stage for the first time ever in this, the team’s fourth win.

They cut back to the red American flag hat-wearing ringleader, who said it’s “definitely a risk taking a political stance” that may ‘alienate some fans”, but that “whether it’s [Megan] Rapinoe, whether it’s NBA stars like LeBron or Steph Curry, it’s gotta come from the population.” It’s not exactly clear what that meant, but his easy command of current NBA news shows what a true fan of sport he is.

“Hopefully in 2020 there’ll be a different story, because right now, I’m very embarrassed to be American,” the sports expert jock said thoughtfully. “it’s time for people in our country to stop believing all these lies. It’s really depressing that there are those that are so uneducated that they’ll believe everything he says.”


Being embarrassed to be an American in light of a great American victory just because there’s a guy in office you don’t like is indicative of a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Expressing your political concerns is all well and good, but there’s a time and place, and that wasn’t it. To be honest, this only tells me that the guy has a solid amount of square footage in his brain where Trump lives quite comfortably.

As it stands, our red-hatted friend may be disappointed come 2020. As Tim Pool recently covered in a video, Trump’s numbers are at record highs.

He’s also raking in far more donations than any Democrat candidate, though at this time there are enough Democrat candidates to fill a small country. Even so, Trump is bringing crowds to his rallies that actually do look like small countries.

It sucks that this had to be made political, but between players snubbing Trump for a White House visit and various fans making our escapism a divisive affair, it is political now, and making everything political is one of the reasons Trump is going to win in 2020.

We’re just over the “orange man bad” nonsense constantly forced down our throats.



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