Rachel Maddow's Ratings Haven't Stopped Falling Yet

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is still watching her viewers burn off by thousands, continuing a trend that’s been going on since the release of the Mueller report cleared President Donald Trump of the wrongdoing she and her fellow leftist hosts swore up and down he was guilty of.


According to the latest numbers as reported by the Daily Caller, “The Rachel Maddow Show” averaged 2,450,000 viewers a night during June, which is a significant drop from 2,608,000 during the month of May. This is a long fall, especially given the fact that she used to compete with the top cable news show “Hannity” on Fox News:

Maddow’s show was the third-highest rated show on cable news behind “Hannity,” which finished first with 3,217,000 average viewers per night, and “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which finished in second place with an average of 2,841,000 average viewers per night. Both Hannity and Carlson saw an increase in viewership from the month of May, improving from 3,138,000 average viewers per night, and 2,761,000 viewers per night, respectively.

It’s pretty clear at this point that people were tuning into Maddow’s show because she was hammering home the idea that Trump really was guilty of collusion and obstruction. People were glued to their televisions after work at every claim, clue, and report that made Trump look like the criminal the left had always said he was.


Upon the news being released that he was nothing of the sort, the masses had no reason to continue watching Maddow’s program, and chunk by chunk, the public is going to find better things to watch. Meanwhile, Hannity and Tucker Carlson are only growing their audiences.

Maddow’s not alone, however. Media attendance is down across the board for many different leftist outlets, especially CNN, who is even having to close down its offices in London on top of their falling ratings.



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