Video: Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Hurt During Scuffle With North Korean Guards

The new Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham hasn’t been on the job long, but she’s already making herself a household name by physically confronting North Korean guards trying to prevent the American press from witnessing a historic moment.


According to Fox News, Grisham was slightly hurt with bumps and bruises while she was captured on video creating a pathway for the American press as Kim Jong Un’s personal guard attempted to stop them as Un and President Donald Trump met and shook hands across the Demilitarized Zone on Sunday. Reporters were calling it an “all-out brawl.”

Thanks to reporters on the scene we have video of the altercation.

In the video, you can see Grisham using her full body weight to push aside a guard. As she does she shouts “Go! Go!” to reporters who take the opportunity to slip past thanks to the gap Grisham created. As the reporters break away you can hear Grisham telling guards “No.”


Even Jim Acosta reported the news without spin.

Fox News reported that it wasn’t clear whether or not Grisham needed medical attention afterward, but I’m willing to bet that if she’s willing to engage in physical conflict a few bumps and bruises aren’t going to concern her.

There’s currently no word as to why Kim’s personal guard was trying to stop American press from witnessing this event, but it wasn’t entirely successful thanks to one determined woman. North Korea is known for having everything coming in and out of the country on lock-down due to its dictatorial regime. Trump has been trying to see to it that war is avoided with the communist hermit kingdom after coming very close during the early part of his presidency.


After some back and forth between the two leaders, Trump and Kim have a vastly improved relationship, leading to this moment where a sitting U.S. president has stepped foot into North Korea. This has never happened before, and it’s a moment worthy of the press’s attention.



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