Mini AOC Is Back and She's Just as Upset About Things as the Real AOC

It’s kind of sad when a young girl can show up Saturday Night Live in her mockery of the Democrat’s de-facto leader, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nothing is more ripe for satire than someone who takes themselves way too seriously, and the fact that a child is doing the job comedians should be doing is a sad telling of the state of affairs in our society.


Thankfully, the child is good at it.

As you’ve likely seen by now, AOC was at the border looking beyond upset as she watched border patrol agents mistreat migrant children and heard them like cattle into horrible conditions.

What she saw was horrific, it was cruel, it was unjustifiable.

It was just an empty parking lot.


The young girl known as Mini-AOC, popular for her videos mimicking the democratic socialist sweetheart is back and is also super upset. As you can see, she too is distraught over the closure of her neighborhood park. She too has uploaded pictures so you can see her unbelievable sadness.


In an age where outrage is the name of the game, nothing pleases me more than to watch mockery make a comeback. Nothing deserves it more than AOC’s sad attempt at faux outrage and ginned up emotion, and Mini-AOC might be the best person running in terms of mocking the congresswoman. Sure, we can prove her wrong and make snarky comments, but Mini-AOC is the best satire account going that mocks her.

At least until Twitter shuts her down for violating some nebulous community standard.

Until that time, I hope to see way more out of Mini-AOC.



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