Leftist Journalists React to the Andy Ngo Assault by Antifa With All the Flippancy You'd Expect

After the violent assault by Antifa on reporter Andy Ngo, the domestic terrorist group supported by many a leftist became the topic of conversation. It’s fair to say that they weren’t discussed kindly.


True to form, the leftist media immediately began running defense on Twitter as the Daily Caller highlighted, starting with Alheli Picazo who said Ngo’s attackers deserve to be praised for their violence because Ngo was somehow asking for it.

Founder of Bernard Media, Nathan Bernard, acted like Ngo was getting something he wished for and complained that “far-right simpletons” would make this an issue for weeks.

In another tweet, Bernard suggested Ngo knew he was going to be attacked and as a result became wealthy off of it.


Charlie Warzel of the New York Times said that violence shouldn’t be acceptable, but that Ngo was essentially provoking them into violence just by being there. He suggested that this is what Ngo wanted and that this attack on him can now be used as fuel for the culture war.

Guardian writer Jason Wilson penned a report about the “left-wing marches” and mentioned Antifa’s attack on Ngo, mentioning that Ngo was hit with milkshakes and that police claim “without evidence” that they contained quick drying cement. It does mention the attack Ngo underwent by Antifa, but quickly shifts gears to note that the right is now giving him money.

Wilson does not mention Antifa once:

Milkshakes, recently used around the world as a symbolic weapon against prominent figures on the far right, became a theme of the day. Portland police claimed without offering evidence that some milkshake cups had been filled with quick-drying cement.

Actual milkshakes were used by leftwing protesters. A videographer and editor for the rightwing magazine Quillette, Andy Ngo, had one dumped on him early in the day.

Another incident involving Ngo captured attention, particularly on the right. Widely shared video taken by the Oregonian journalist Jim Ryan appeared to show Ngo being hit by counter-protesters and sprayed with silly string. Ryan tweeted: “Didn’t see how this started, but Ngo got roughed up.”

Ngo said he had been attacked and hospitalised, and posted to social media pictures of apparent facial abrasions. With significant backing from rightwing media and political figures, by late Saturday a crowdfunding website for Ngo had raised more than $60,000.


It should be noted that Wilson’s name recently appeared in a study conducted by Eoin Lenihan than showed the Twitter connections of various journalists to Antifa. According to Lenihan, who wrote about the story at Quillette, Wilson has a history of being embedded in Antifa protests and has penned various pro-Antifa articles.

It’s odd that the left’s army of journalists can nod and pump their fist along with claims that “free speech” is violence and scream that the very notion of blaming the victim when it comes to sexual assault and rape is a grave sin unworthy of modern society.

Yet a reporter being beaten up and having his equipment stolen from him is apparently justifiable because he was somehow asking for it by being there. The rage suddenly disappears from mainstream reporters that a person not doing anything but recording the events had violence visited upon him despite the fact that they clutch their pearls and claim violence will come from someone like President Donald Trump calling the press the enemy of the people.

In truth, this is a very big deal. It shows us just how far the left will go in order to push a 1984-esque environment on the population.

It shouldn’t matter if Ngo is in opposition to Antifa. He has a right to be there just like anybody else does in a public space. If they have a problem with his stances, then they should be able to debate or handle the situation like civilized adults.


Antifa doesn’t. They can’t. Mainstream reporters don’t seem to care, or worse, sympathize.


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