America Vastly Overestimates the Size of the LGBT Community According to Study

FILE - In this Sunday, June 11, 2017 file photo, Equality March for Unity and Pride participants march past the White House in Washington. Many LGBT-rights activists never believed Donald Trump's campaign promises to be their friend. With his move to ban transgender people from military service on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, on top of other actions and appointments, they now see him as openly hostile. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

With things like the LGBT movement dominating entire months, and so much advocacy and activism being dedicated to the community, you’d think that gay and lesbians exist around every corner. However, according to a new Gallup study, America has it vastly overestimated how large the LGBT community is, and it’s all that advocacy and activism it has to thank for it.


According to James Barrett at the Daily Wire, U.S. adults typically guess that nearly a quarter of the population calls in one of the categories that consist of the LGBT movement. In truth, that number is way, way off:

“U.S. adults estimate that nearly one in four Americans (23.6%) are gay or lesbian. Gallup has previously found that Americans have greatly overestimated the U.S. gay population, recording similar average estimates of 24.6% in 2011 and 23.2% in 2015,” the group reports.

That estimate is “more than five times Gallup’s more encompassing 2017 estimate that 4.5% of Americans are LGBT, based on respondents’ self-identification as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” Gallup explains. When the estimates are broken down by demographics, even the most conservative estimates still remain about four times higher than the 4.5% estimated actual number.

The group is actually very small, but according to Gallup, it receives an inordinate amount of attention and creates the illusion that it’s much larger than it actually is:


Overestimations of the nation’s gay population may in part be due to the group’s outsized visibility. An annual report by GLAAD, an LGBT advocacy group, found that representation of LGBT people as television series regulars on broadcast primetime scripted programming reached an all-time high of 8.8% in the 2018-2019 television season, which is nearly twice Gallup’s estimate of the actual population.

Media, politicians, and activist groups dedicate tons of attention and screen time to a group that, in truth, makes up just a small percentage of the population. You see activist groups push hard for acceptance of even the most extreme behaviors and are told that this is the way society is going and we should just accept it. You see people come out in droves to participate in Pride parades.

In reality, society isn’t going in that direction. The vast majority of us don’t subscribe to it. Many are lending their support to it for various reasons. They may truly believe in it, or some just find supporting it a trendy thing to do since it’s shoved in our faces by the mainstream media. An entire month is dedicated to it, and we’re told not supporting it makes us bigots.


To be clear, members of the LGBT community are Americans that deserve the same amount of respect as everyone else, but we’re being consistently told they deserve more to the point of praising them for being gay or lesbian. This creates conflict, and the fight against the social takeover creates a very loud battlefield, further lending to the idea that this is a much larger community than we’re told.

We’re looking at a very large shadow being cast on the wall by a very small rabbit.


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