Why Silicon Valley Tech Giants May Truly Believe They're Not Being Biased When They Clearly Are

We know that Silicon Valley is filthy with politically biased people who’ve been brought to radical forms of their leftist ideological positions thanks to a well-maintained bubble. Any position, thought, or fact-based reasoning that runs against the hard left hive mind is immediately punished and/or cast out.


You can ask James Damore about that.

Major companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have been demonstrating their bias left and right. To anyone paying attention, it’s not a mystery that if you lean to the right, or have a right-leaning opinion on a specific subject if you say it loud enough you might find yourself on the business end of Silicon Valley’s ire.

Live Action simply expressed pro-life views and Pinterest labeled them as “porn” so that they wouldn’t show up in feeds. It was unearthed recently that Google employees were trying to find ways to restrict sitings of figures like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro because they were Nazis guiding others on the path to Nazism, both of whom, mind you, are orthodox Jews.

To be sure, these are radical positions and radical actions to take on Silicon Valley’s part, but the frightening thing is that I’m not entirely sure they understand that. In fact, based on what I’ve seen and heard from them, they truly believe that their positions aren’t at all extreme and that their actions do reflect neutral stances.

In fact, YouTube just released a tweet essentially claiming that they are politically neutral right after James O’Keefe exposed Google for taking ideological stances within their business.


The ratio they are currently receiving for this tweet is nothing short of brutal.

We see this attitude being struck by industry heads and employees constantly, even in front of Congress where they deny taking any stances when it comes to how they conduct business, despite the deluge of evidence that they are.

You’re probably stunned that they could lie this blatantly to the people, and are feeling pretty insulted that they think you’re that stupid. Maybe some of them truly do think that, but I have to wonder if they actually don’t understand the extreme positions they have found themselves in ideologically.

I’m perfectly willing to believe this may be the case due to an interview I watched on the Joe Rogan Experience, where Tim Pool and Joe Rogan are essentially confronting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter “Trust and Safety” Lead Vijaya Gadde.

I can’t give you a specific quote within this back and forth because this is a 20-minute debate where every sentence said holds weight, but the summary is that despite Rogan and Pool trying to show Gadde how the rules they’ve created — this conversation specifically revolves around Twitter’s rules around interactions with transgendered people — were ideologically bent, neither Gadde or Dorsey seemed to be able to wrap their heads around their own bias.


As far as Gadde was concerned, they truly were doing the right thing by silencing and punishing people for taking a position that is ideologically different from the left’s.

I advise you to take a moment to watch this exchange, as it’s incredibly eye-opening.

Again, I don’t want to make this interaction a blanket statement on all of Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers. I think, however, it is a solid look at the lens through which they view the world.

For instance, Gadde can be ridiculed for a lot of things that she said during her interaction with Pool and Rogan, but there were times when it looked like she was being introduced to a completely foreign concept that she couldn’t quite wrap her head around in the moment.

We should consider the idea that the ideological bubble in which these tech giants live is so thick that they don’t understand or even see what’s right in front of their faces.

Their false sense of morality, fostered by their immediate peers and social structure, is a result of truly not knowing any better due to the fact that any other kind of ideological standpoint is being diligently kept out. It’s kept out because the culture demands to look at ideological stances outside of the body politic as something dangerous. This fuels a perpetual cycle and creates something akin to self-induced brainwashing.


This theory would explain why YouTube can make statements that are blatantly false with all seriousness.

I could be wrong and the people silencing, deplatforming, and punishing others for their viewpoints are truly that horrible. They may be that childish and married to their ignorance purely out of spite for those who tell them they’re wrong. However, based on what I’ve seen and heard, I’m not 100 percent certain of that.


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