GoFundMe Partnership With Planned Parenthood Proves Abortion Doesn't Need Government Funding

With the abortion industry taking some heavy blows in the face of pro-life legislation and states turning on abortion organizations with gusto, celebrities, activists, and politicians have been pulling out all the stops to keep the practice of taking life in the womb alive and well.


This also includes various businesses, with the fundraising site “GoFundMe” throwing its hat into the ring, and directly partnering with Planned Parenthood to raise funds in order to fight back against pro-life causes.

GoFundMe sent out a tweet from their account telling everyone that they have partnered with Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Network of Abortion Funds to donate money to organizations that will fight to keep abortion alive in states where it’s being restricted.

The fundraiser, titled “Fight Back: Protect Abortion Access,” centers on the idea that the attack on abortion by various states isn’t just a threat to abortion in those states, but everywhere across America, and that people should give to the fundraiser if they wish to keep it alive:

We’re teaming up to fuel the fight against these bans – and make sure that every person who needs abortion care can actually get it, without delay.

The ‘Fight Back’ campaign is a centralized fundraiser enabling each donor to fund legal battles in court, provide critical services all across the country, join the movement to protect access to safe, legal abortion, and encourage legislative bodies to take steps to protect reproductive rights  — all with a single donation.


The fundraiser promises to do three things with the money:

-Remove the many financial and logistical barriers to abortion access – including offsetting the cost of transportation, childcare, lodging, and abortion procedures – that too many patients face;

-Fuel the fight in the courts to protect access for EVERY patient, and keep health center doors open for patients who need care; and,

-Help continue on-the-ground organizing in states to protect access, build the movement, and ensure elected officials everywhere support comprehensive reproductive health care.

It also notes that 25 percent will be going to the NNAF, 37.5 percent to Planned Parenthood organizations, and 37.5 percent to the ACLU.

I want to point out something that all of these organizations may have overlooked, and that’s the fact that they’re proving that organizations like Planned Parenthood don’t need government funding. It can raise funds for the practice all on its own.

At this time, Planned Parenthood receives approximately $500 million a year, with taxpayers footing the bill. This does not include the various donations they receive from celebrity-backed donation drives or fundraising efforts like the kind we see above.

Hilariously, the abortion industry’s attempts at fundraising may not be as popular as it had hoped. At the time of this writing, the fundraiser has been live for six days and has only received over $40,000 worth donations from 306 people. Compared to the swiftness with which some GoFundMe campaigns receive donations. For comparison, the GoFundMe for the border wall is 616 times that amount with well over $24 million in donations that are still rolling in by the minute. This is pretty sad for Planned Parenthood.


I will make note that the wall fundraiser has been active for six months, not six days, but the difference is still very striking. It would appear that abortion isn’t as popular as some of these groups may have hoped.

What’s more, the announcement on Twitter didn’t seem to go as well as they hoped, with Twitter users expressing anger at the company for partnering with abortion causes, and some swearing they’ll never participate in a GoFundMe campaign again.









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