E. Jean Carroll's Rape Claim Looks Awfully Similar to a Plot Line From an Episode of "Law and Order"

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We’ve been watching the unfolding of the story of E. Jean Carroll, the woman who claims Trump raped her.

While the mainstream media did everything in their power to prop Carroll up as a viable source, the woman has exhibited incredibly odd behavior, including a very awkward interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, wherein she floated the idea that people think rape is sexy.


Carroll’s claim was that one day she was in a Bergdorf dressing room in Manhattan when Trump burst in and sexually assaulted her. There’s no proof that it happened, and as time goes on, it’s becoming safe to assume that it didn’t. Especially after an interesting discovery floated around on social media.

As it turns out, being sexually assaulted in a Bergdorf dressing room is the plotline in an episode of “Law and Order,” wherein a man being questioned by police describes a role play fantasy being played out by a couple where the man bursts into a Bergdorf dressing room while the woman was trying on lingerie.

Let’s remember that during Carroll’s interview with Anderson Cooper that she mentioned that people think rape is sexy and described it as being a fantasy.

“Think of the fantasies,” she told Cooper.

I want to be clear that I’m not saying that Carroll’s claim is or isn’t real. I have no proof of either, just a hunch due to a long history of watching accusers come out of the woodwork when a person is about to achieve a position of power. From Clarence Thomas to Brett Kavanaugh, and a plethora of Republican politicians in between, sexual assault allegations are a dime a dozen, and they very rarely seem to be true.


With Trump approaching 2020 and the Russian scandal a dud, the left has to turn to something, and another sexual assault or rape accusation was completely expected.

That said, I do want to bring attention to the fact that this “Law and Order” episode and the similarities of the claims made by Carroll seem too similar not to be suspect. Adding the fact that she mentions rape fantasies, just like the episode talks about, makes this seem even odder.

I’m not one for engaging in conspiracy theories, but I am one for paying attention to weird details. And this? This is definitely a weird detail.

Somebody should ask Carroll if she watches a lot of television.


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