The Disgusting Lie Hiding Behind the Left's Circulation of the Viral Photo of a Dead Migrant Child

You likely opened up your internet for the first time today and, if you follow enough news and media accounts, likely saw this photo drift across your screen.

It’s of a small child face down in the water next to her father. Both are drowned.


According to the New York Times, the man is Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez. The child is his 23-month-old daughter, Valeria. The two were not fleeing war. They weren’t escaping some sort of violence. They were just economic migrants looking for that proverbial greener grass on the other side. Since they weren’t fleeing war or violence, they wouldn’t qualify for asylum.

So, Ramirez opted to try the river with his daughter and met his, and his daughter’s, fate.

To be clear, this photo is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking. It’s a very sad look at, — and a clear indication of — just how horrible the border crisis has gotten.

And Democrats can’t wait to show it to you. Why?

The obvious answer is that they’re going to sell the idea to the American people that this is all President Donald Trump’s fault for being so racist as to not let people who want into the United States in. This will then lead to the softening of hearts, which will then allow Democrats to obtain more power in elections and pass whatever they please, such as open borders.


It should be remembered that Trump’s approval took a dip when the story of children being separated at the border hit. Democrats are counting on your emotional reaction to this photo to do the same just in time to make this a 2020 election issue.

What’s more, they have a solid feeling it will work for them because it worked before back in Europe in 2015 when the left was doing their open borders push. In fact, as Raheem Kassam highlights at Human Events, it’s almost the exact same story, just with a different border:

In 2015, at the peak of Europe’s self-inflicted migration problem, the media plastered pictures of toddler Aylan (later ‘Alan’) Kurdi washed up dead on a beach in Turkey.

Kurdi was utilized as a global symbol of why Western nations were morally bound to throw open their borders to anyone and everyone apparently seeking refuge.

The media would also, in the same period, blur out pictures of children killed in Islamic terror attacks.

This, even though it became clear the Kurdi family was living relatively well in a safe country (Turkey), and had paid nearly $6,000 to try and cross illegally into Europe on their way to Canada. Around 40 per cent of Americans can’t put $400 together in a crisis. The same goes for many Europeans.


Here, with this picture, is America’s version of Aylan Kurdi.

The Democrats are sinking to new lows with old lies.

Oddly enough, this has been happening for years, especially during the Obama administration’s time in power, yet no one seemed to care. In fact, Breitbart’s Brandon Darby has been sounding the alarm with on the ground reporting before Trump was even in office.

Let’s be clear. There are people to blame for tragedies such as this, but it’s not Trump. Trump is simply upholding the laws that govern how migration is handled in our country to the letter. Obama was more or less doing the same but with far less media oversight.

In fact, as Stephen Miller pointed out, the left is hoping your memory is shorter than going back to the Obama administration. In fact, they hope you can’t recall that they were saying there was no crisis not but a handful of months ago with a completely different narrative.


Let’s be very clear. This is a result of incentivization to cross illegally. The left offering places like “sanctuary cities,” giving drivers licenses to illegals, entitlement programs, and a chance at higher paying work while having to give nothing back.

The problem is that we’re making the risk of immigrating illegally in the face of death a worthwhile option, and the deaths that occur, including the two in the viral photo, are on those who continue to push to make that journey worth taking.

Yet you’re going to be sold that the only reason this is happening is that Trump is unfairly denying entry to poor children fleeing horrible countries because of (fill in the blank) which is just one more reason to vote him out of office.


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