CNN Quickly Goes to Commercial as Trump's Rape Accuser Claims People Like Rape

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President Donald Trump’s rape accuser E. Jean Carroll has made headlines recently by claiming the President raped her decades ago in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in New York City. The mainstream media was only too happy to jump on the story as quickly as possible to find its new narrative for impeaching Trump and did it so quickly that they forgot to check on a few things.


Like, for instance, whether or not the person making the claim wasn’t a complete basketcase.

Carroll was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Monday. Cooper brought up the fact that Carroll doesn’t feel like a victim, and told the CNN host that she was not “thrown on the ground and ravished.”

Carroll then went into oddly talking about how the concept of rape is misunderstood in America.

“The word rape carries so many sexual connotations,” said Carroll. “This was nuts. This was not sexual.”

Cooper interjected that rape was something most people thought of as a violent, sexual assault.

“I think most people will think of rape as being sexy,” said Carroll, who nodded as an awkward silence settled on the two.

“Let’s take a short break,” said Cooper after a moment.

“Think of the fantasies,” added Carroll.

Cooper stuttered as he once again tried to cut to commercial.

“You’re fascinating to talk to,” said Carroll awkwardly nodding at Cooper without breaking eye contact.

It’s possible that Carroll was drunk during this exchange, and a lot of her slurred words and exaggerated actions point to that. However, I watched some of her other interviews and she’s demonstrated the same kind of speech and awkward behavior. Perhaps she was drunk during all of them too. The alternative is that she’s not well and the media is exploiting her.


Regardless, Carroll isn’t the central figure of the controversy in this particular moment, it’s the media who thrust Carroll into the spotlight and pointed as many spotlights as they could on her after her very shaky claim surfaced. Apparently, they learned nothing from the Michael Avenatti debacle, and not enough from the Kavanaugh witch hunt.

One prediction I will make is that Carroll will depart the mainstream’s focus as quickly as she arrived, and the media will move on to the next claimant. With the Russia investigation coming up with nothing after years of desperately hyping up every lead and sensationalizing every detail, the media will try to revert to a tried and true method of discrediting a politician, and that’s with rape or sexual assault claims.

So far, every bit of that dirty water has washed off of Trump’s duck-like back, but if the media is anything, it’s tenacious. It tried again with Carroll, and they’ll try again with someone else.


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