Tonight: Brandon Morse Talks Taylor Swift's Support of the "Equality Act" with Liz Wheeler

Created by Brandon Morse

Tonight on One America News Network, I’ll be on Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler to talk about Taylor Swift’s support for the “Equality Act” which essentially makes it legal for men to use women’s restrooms if they claim to identify as women.


Taylor Swift recently showed her support in a music video called “You Need to Calm Down,” which I find rich coming from the girl who admitted she’s a psychopath toward men.

You can watch the video below if you’d like, but be prepared for the typical depictions of people who have arguments or criticisms of the LGBT community as stereotypical unwashed bumpkins.

Not going to lie, I liked Taylor Swift far more when she wasn’t overtly political. However, she seems to have made it her absolute job to alienate people left and right.

You can watch Liz Wheeler and I discuss this tonight on Tipping Point at 9/8c.


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