MSNBC's Chuck Todd Breaks With Media and Goes After AOC for "Concentration Camp" Comments, She Doesn't Take It Well

MEET THE PRESS -- Pictured: (l-r) -- Chuck Todd, Moderator, "Meet the Press," appears on "Meet the Press" in Washington, D.C., Sunday, August 31, 2014. (Photo by: William B. Plowman/NBC)

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MSNBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd didn’t get the memo that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to be treated as infallible at all times, and instead went after the New York democratic socialist with gusto on his program on Wednesday.


After AOC’s comparison to the holding areas at the border to concentration camps, many across the globe came down on her for her gross attempt to draw an equivalence. Todd made it clear that Ocasio-Cortez was doing a “disservice” to those who suffered in the Nazi concentration camps, and dismissed the lie that AOC wasn’t trying to compare them to Nazi death camps.

“She just did the people there a tremendous disservice,” Todd said. “Be careful comparing them to Nazi concentration camps because they’re not at all comparable in the slightest.”

“She tried to make a distinction between concentration camps and Nazi death camps,” Todd continued. “But Congresswoman, tens of thousands were also brutalized, starved, and ultimately died in those concentration camps.”

Todd also noted that people were afraid to call her out for her remarks for fear of being mobbed by Ocasio-Cortez’s rabid fan base, and the MSNBC host wondered allowed why people were so afraid of that.

“Some Democrats have been reluctant to condemn her remarks, they don’t want to get criticized on Twitter,” Todd added. “Why are we so sheepish calling out people we agree with politically these days?”


True to form, Ocasio-Cortez didn’t appreciate one of the leftists in the media breaking ranks and took to Twitter to punish Todd for daring to disagree with her.

“Well, [Chuck Todd] – the fact that you slipped in “Nazi” when I never said that is pretty unfortunate. Almost as unfortunate as the fact that you spent this whole time w/o discussing DHS freezers, “dog pounds,” missing children, & human rights abuses that uphold use of this term,” tweeted AOC.

Thing is, AOC did compare them to Nazi concentration camps by using the phrase “never again,” completely linking the Nazi death camps to what she claims is concentration camps happening at the border. The walk back came the moment the heat became overwhelming and was assisted by a media only too happy to run defense for someone they’re openly afraid of.

Todd did exactly the right thing by calling out a dumb comment for what it was. If anything, people on the left, especially in the media, should be following his example and putting their foot down on where we draw lines as far as professional political discourse.


While the trained seals that follow AOC blindly will nod and applaud if she spoke like Beaker from the Muppets, the rest of the world isn’t too impressed with the bombastic schtick she has going. In fact, it’s turning a lot of voters off if the voting public lining up to see Trump is any indication.

The Democrats go down a really dark road with following this kind of radical sensationalism, and they’re better off listening to Todd than AOC, if they have to listen to a leftist at all.


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