Chris Cuomo Had the Proper Reaction to Amy Klobuchar Saying Democrat Rallies are As Large as Trump's

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Trump’s packed rallies are hard to ignore. The polls telling us that Trump is being crushed under the heal of the Democrat of the day can be thrown around till the cows come home, but it’s hard to square numbers someone gives you with numbers you can physically see.


As I covered on Wednesday, the attendance at Trump’s rallies is eclipsing the numbers seen at Democrat gatherings, even frontrunner Joe Biden’s. This fact is worrying for Democrats, and so far, only CNN’s Chris Cuomo is addressing the Republican elephant in the room.

In an interview with Amy Klobuchar on Wednesday, Cuomo asked the Democrat 2020 candidate up front why Democrats aren’t attracting the kinds of crowds Trump is. Klobuchar responded by flat out saying that Democrats are packing stadiums like Trump, it’s just that you don’t see it because there are so many Democrats.

“Why don’t Democrat pack stadiums the way this president does?” asked Cuomo.

“Oh but we do!” responded Klobuchar. “We just have a lot of stadiums we’re packing at the same time.”

Cuomo didn’t verbally respond, but the incredulous expression on his face spoke for him louder than words ever could.

Cuomo later admitted that he doesn’t agree with Klobuchar at all and that “size does matter.”

He’s not wrong. In 2016 we saw the same exact thing happen with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Clinton continuously beat him in the polls, yet Trump packed stadiums while Clinton had to find various ways to play with crowd optics.

The difference is enthusiasm and groundswell. It’s one thing to have a mob online that will sit behind a keyboard and throw their support behind a candidate, and it’s another to get up to go stand in line with thousands of other people for hours on end to see a guy speak for a bit. People are doing that for Trump, but no one is doing that for Democrats.


This might change as the Democrat’s field of candidates is whittled down, but even with a single candidate opposing Trump, it’s hard to see how the enthusiasm for the left’s candidate will match that of Trump’s. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, it’s not just crowd size, it’s the fact that Trump is also garnering more donations than any other Democrat candidate.

Klobuchar and Democrats pretending that they’re doing just as well isn’t going to change the fact that they’re not. It’s just one more fantasy they chose to add to their ever-expanding fantasy world.

Even if Klobuchar isn’t telling lies for her sake but for yours, then this is proof that Democrats think you’re stupid enough to believe them. Given, the rabid defense of everything Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says has given them a proper reason to think that, but regardless, heads buried in the sand don’t win elections.

When even Cuomo recognizes this, maybe it’s time to get real.


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