Father Sobbingly Pleads With His Girlfriend Walking Into Abortion Clinic to Not Kill Their Baby

You hear all the time about how abortion is solely a woman’s issue, but it’s not. It takes two to create life, and fathers should have just as much say in the life of his child as the woman does, no matter where that child currently resides.


In our society, when it comes to abortion, men and fathers are told we’re not allowed to be involved in the decision-making process of whether a child should live or die simply because don’t gestate in men’s bodies. Fathers are often cast aside as having illegitimate opinions if they feel their babies should have a chance at life.

It always boils down to “my body my choice,” for abortion advocates, which really translates to “I’ll kill the baby if I want to because it’s growing inside me, not you.”

As first reported by LifeNews.com, one father desperately wanted his baby to live after his girlfriend decided to abort the child. The father could be seen on video pleading with his girlfriend, screaming “please don’t kill our baby,” before breaking down into sobs.

The video was originally posted on father’s day, though the actual date that this was filmed has not been confirmed. The clip was uploaded by a man named John Ryan and informs us that the father’s name is “Tyler,” and the name of the girlfriend is “Abby.”


According to Ryan, Abby is a victim of abuse and was brought to the abortion clinic by one of her abusers, her stepmother.

Ryan posted that Abby and Tyler had planned this child, and that Abby already had 3 children at home, the eldest being over four and reportedly excited about having another sibling.

Ryan’s post contained a second video where Tyler is seen crying in the parking lot and explaining through tears that he’s a good dad, and takes care of her children she had with another man. A man who was with him reassured him that no matter what the outcome is, Tyler was doing the right thing.

People consistently dismiss the feelings and heartache of men in this day and age. Here we see a father desperate to keep his child out of danger and watching helplessly as his baby is led to the slaughter. The pain he must feel is beyond anything many of us can comprehend, and hopefully won’t ever have to.

To make it worse, you can see in the comments of Ryan’s post the uncaring nature of those who support abortion laughing at Tyler’s tears and desperation, and accusing him of being an abuser for wanting his baby to survive.


If people ever wonder why so many pro-life people take the stance that they do, it’s because of scenes like this. This child has every right to live and clearly has a loving parent that will go above and beyond for them. Yet, a woman was taken to a clinic by her abuser to have an abortion carried out.

Abortion is the realm of monsters and atrocities, and of pain and suffering. Yet so many treat it like it’s a fun pastime that should be joked about. Clearly, we can see that this is not at all funny.

It’s not clear how this story ends, but I personally pray that Tyler and Abby’s baby is still alive today.


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