Here are the Top Social Media Platforms You Can Join and be Free of Censorship

Right now, there’s a manhunt on for those who practice free thought and free speech when it comes to the mainstream social media platforms. If you haven’t been banned or suspended for something, then don’t worry, because eventually, you will be if you speak out against the accepted belief system of the left.


Over the past year, this went from being a problem that could hopefully be solved through communication and reason and shifted to ideological war between those who believe in leftist stances and everybody else. Exacerbated by Vox’s war on YouTube, we now see social media platforms openly punishing people who don’t even break their rules but skirt them.

This has created an unsteady ground for many, and only prove that platforms are ready to ban anyone who even remotely upsets members of the left.

This is why people have begun migrating to various other platforms who do not limit their speech at all, and can speak openly without fear of suspensions, bans, or even shadow-banning. These platforms are still young and developing to be better by the day, but they’re wild west when it comes to what you might see and hear. While some might find it shocking, it’s a breath of free air for everyone else.

Here are the platforms that many have begun moving to.


This is arguably the most popular alternative social media platform on the block right now. Parler has a look and feels that are similar to Twitter, so you won’t experience much of a learning curve upon joining. This has caused thousands to sign on to the app and begin using it almost immediately, including big names such as Dana Loesch, Candance Owens, Paul Joseph Watson, and more. Publications have already created accounts to spread their news around as well, including the Daily Caller and Breitbart.


I myself have an account as well, which you can find by going here.

The app is still perfecting itself and the experience may be a tad rougher than using Twitter, but one thing you can do is decide for yourself what you do and don’t want to see on Parler instead of the network deciding that for you. It treats you like an adult, which is more than can be said for Twitter.


As many people find themselves being silenced, demonetized, or completely removed from YouTube, many have been making their way over to its increasingly popular competition, Bitchute. If you’re right-leaning, then expect to find your favorite video creator there. Even I have an account and post my latest videos to the platform, and so does Steven Crowder, and Tim Pool.

The great thing about Bitchute is that it directly allows you to contribute money via the channel. Bitchute does not rely on advertisers to pay video makers for their content, it relies on you, keeping it free from having to cave to corporations for money.

I advise, however, that you prepare yourself to see things you’ll find horrible. This is a free speech platform, and as such you’re going to see people support things you’re vehemently going to disagree with such as white supremacy and pro-Russia propaganda. Of course, if you’re heading somewhere to enjoy free speech, then it should go without saying that you’re going to run into this kind of thing.



Minds is an alternative to Facebook that many have gone to in the last year. The platform definitely doesn’t have the interconnectivity that Facebook does, the user interface can be a bit wonky, and troubleshooting is still something they’re working on. Getting a hold of them to solve problems can be a difficult thing to do.

Despite that, many have moved there simply due to the fact that they can post whatever they want and not be removed, suspended, or silenced for it. Like Bitchute, Minds also relies on user donations and allows payments to other users to take place in order to keep away from corporate interference.


Gab is another platform that many have found a home on. I can only describe it as something of a Twitter/Facebook mashup that is strikingly easy to use. You’ll typically find people who have been banned from Twitter on this platform such as Nick Monroe and Sargon of Akkad.

Gab has been around for some time and as a result, members of the alt-right have found their way there to set up shop. Don’t be surprised to come across their opinions while they’re there, but again, this is a quest to find free speech.

Like Parler, if you don’t want to see their posts you can mute them. Gab allows you to define what kind of experience you want to have while on their platform.


If you’re looking for a Facebook alternative, then MeWe is a budding platform that many have found easy to use and fun to be on. It focuses primarily on chat rooms and forum posts, but otherwise operates as a normal social media platform would. In terms of audience, you may not find a whole lot of people there, at least right now. It’s definitely the underdog in the exodus, but it’s an otherwise solid platform.


There are others that people have been using freely, but it would be exhausting to make this list exhaustive. The ones I listed above seem to be the most popular at this time, but as mainstream platforms crackdown on speech and thought, expect alternatives to pop up like meerkats left and right.

At least for now, you have a solid direction to go.


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