Dan Crenshaw Attacks Media Driven Myth That Trump Is Sending Kids to Internment Camps

I covered on Wednesday a headline from The Hill that featured news that President Donald Trump was sending kids to the same place Japanese people were sent for internment during World War 2.


This was an obviously false narrative to anyone remotely paying attention. The location is actually a military base where people live. You learn that’s happening because the migrant crisis that hte media likes to pretend doesn’t exist has seen an overflow of children who need a place to stay.

You also learn that Obama used this location for the same exact thing during his time a President.

Sadly, The Hill wasn’t the only one to use this narrative. The Daily Beast, Washington Post, and Time all jumped on the bandwagon to make it seem like Trump was the heartless migrant child-hating racist they’ve been telling us he was.

When Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw appeared on Fox News, he was asked about this ridiculously blatant attempt to drive a narrative and Crenshaw appropriately collapsed it on their heads.

Crenshaw was asked to respond to a Democrat lawmaker Judy Chu who carried the media’s narrative to Twitter and making it seem as if Trump was doing what was done to the Japanese decades ago. Crenshaw didn’t hold back.

“This might be one one of the dumbest comments we’ve ever seen,” said Crenshaw.

Crenshaw noted all the mainstream media outlets who jumped on the opportunity to sell a lie, including The Hill.

“The implication, of course, that they’re going for is that we’re putting people in concentration camps,” said Crenshaw. “Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a military base.”


Crenshaw compared it to people saying that we can no longer have kids at Alcatraz because it used to be a place we put hardened criminals. It’s now a popular tourist attraction.

“It’s nonsense,” continued Crenshaw. “It’s used for something different now. It is not a concentration camp. It’s not even close to that.”

Crenshaw took aim directly at the media.

“Ya know, you can make your arguemnts without being so unbelievably dishonest, but they just can’t help themselves,” added Crenshaw. “How are we supposed to trust members of the media when they put out stories like this?”


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