Over Half of Modern Women are Ready to Make the Struggles of Their Foremothers Irrelevant

A new poll from Axios shows that 55 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 54 would rather live under socialism than capitalism.


According to The Federalist, who initially commented on this, women really liked the idea of things like free college and healthcare:

When asked what constitutes a socialist political system, over 50 percent of people believed these policies made a country socialist:

  1. Universal healthcare (76 percent)

  2. Tuition-free education (72 percent)

  3. Living wage (68 percent)

  4. State-controlled economy (66 percent)

  5. State control and regulation of private property (61 percent)

  6. High taxes for the rich (60 percent)

  7. State-controlled media and communication (57 percent)

  8. Strong environmental regulations (56 percent)

  9. High public spending (55 percent)

  10. Government “democratizes” private businesses—that is, gives workers control over them—to the greatest extent possible (52 percent)

Like most who support socialism, I’m not particularly sure if many of these women know what socialism actually is or how it works. Women have fought tooth and nail to become equal to men in the workplace, have achieved it in many ways, and even surpassed them in others. What women are essentially cheering for is to have that success taken by the government directly from their paycheck and thrown at programs they likely won’t benefit from.

Socialism is disproven to work in any regard, yet like the theory of a flat Earth, it persists because people who refuse to learn from proven research talk first and think never. Women would be set back ages due to socialism, and that’s tragic seeing as how they just got here in the grand scheme of things.


Giving the state control over businesses and pay would take the choice out of the hands of women in terms of how much they’re paid, what jobs are available to be worked at, and even where their money gets to go once it’s taken. Once you take the decisions out of the hands of the people who own their company’s, the ability to negotiate goes out the door. The state decides what you’re worth, and the state will never decide you’re worth more than the state. Taxes will skyrocket leaving you with less money for your work if you’re lucky to get hired at all due to the fact that a job can’t support any more employees due to all the taxes and fees it’s paying.

In essence, women are voting for less economic freedom if they vote for socialism, which is sad considering they’ve fought for years to be as economically free as possible.



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