DC's Pride Parade Got a Bit Out of Hand

Screenshot: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon Morse

I honestly don’t understand Pride parades. It’s not the idea of having a parade around something, as that’s perfectly legitimate, but the way that the LGBT community becomes as oversexualized as possible is odd to me. I don’t understand how that’s supposed to help the outlook of people activists claim hate them.


Washington D.C.’s parade definitely became sexualized, but more than that, it became pretty unruly. Some footage was released from a person participating in the parade of a bunch of women climbing on top of a cop car and twerking on it while a crowd around them screamed and yelled their approval.


I can understand having a parade to express pride in something, or even just having a parade to celebrate something like the fact you ride bikes or the fact that your Irish. Let your freak flag fly, I say. What I don’t understand is how a parade that is supposed to celebrate the fact that you’re attracted to the same sex as you is supposed to be promoted with defiance of police, jiggling your butt around, and posing in sexual positions for cameras as these fine folks did below.

The blatant disrespect that was shown to the police is sad, given the fact that the police were there to protect the pro-LGBT crowd from anyone who might want to harm them. For instance, mere rumors that a shooting had occurred sparked panic throughout the parade and sent entire crowds running and screaming.


If a real shooting did occur, they would have immediately turned to the police to protect them. Until that time, however, the police are to be hated, derided, and their cars twerked upon in the name of equality and acceptance.

At some point, someone is going to have to explain how this is promoting said equality and sameness. Right now I just feel revulsion toward the people who consider this some form of a legitimate way to get a point across.


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