Carlos Maza Handed a Major Victory to the Right

There’s been a revolt against the established order within the media for years now.

Rush Limbaugh injected right-leaning opinion into what was thought to be a dead medium and began challenging the long-running monologue of the mainstream media. Fox News arrived on the scene and became the foil to carefully constructed narratives by the left.


Then the internet was invented. The aforementioned monologue became a dialogue with everyday citizens. For the mainstream media, this was a disaster. They were opposed at every turn. Major movements gained hold thanks to social media. Major movements sprang up as a result, from the Tea Party to #GamerGate, all of which were aimed at resistance to an established form of corruption in some form or fashion.

With each step, there was pushback from said establishment. The push to silence Limbaugh took a multitude of forms, Fox News is labeled every negative thing in the book, and both the Tea Party and #GamerGate were labeled the gatherings of sexist white supremacists.

Now we have the #VoxAdpocalypse brought on by a commentator for the mainstream establishment. As you may know by now, Carlos Maza of Vox attempting to silence one of his most vocal critics, Steven Crowder, by attacking YouTube’s loyalty to the LGBT movement, and using the power of the mob and corporate power to do it.

Vox is an established left-wing media company backed by NBC, a major media corporation. Maza, in his attempt to silence Crowder, brought the weight at his disposal to bear and YouTube crumpled like a cheap suit.

In its rush to capitulate, YouTube began demonetizing anything that looked remotely dangerous. This means anything right-leaning, but in many cases, raw news and educational channels got hit as well. YouTubers across the board are now left with no cash flow from their videos, and people who relied on them to keep a roof over their head and put food on their table are now left to find a new option, and quick.


And with that, Maza made a point so clear that the right should be considering him one of the best players on our team.

Maza has put a lot of people in harm’s way and it’s very clear that this was done because his feelings were hurt. YouTube originally found no fault in what Crowder did or said. Indeed, much of what Crowder described him as were things Maza had identified as, to begin with.

But even if Maza didn’t describe himself as homosexual, queer, Mexican, immigrant, etc, many are left to wonder if it was worth losing their livelihoods over someone calling someone else names.

And herein lies Maza’s failure. Much of the thought revolutions that have occurred in the recent past is due to the fact that people began to ask questions about the validity of the establishment’s stances. Are the “facts” they’re reporting actually the truth? Are these people as bad as they say they are? Is the action to counter them worth it?

And this will happen because Crowder has never had more attention. He went from being a conservative figure to a national one. More people are going to tune in to see his messages. They’ll want to see what he had to say about Maza by watching his videos and be dosed by facts delivered in an entertaining manner. They’ll see his “Change My Mind” videos and witness an actual conversation between sides and see the faults in the left’s narrative, not to mention the overreaction when they’re cornered.


As they look into Crowder they’ll see that he’s none of the things Maza has labeled him as, and the more you learn the more you realize Maza is a paper-thin skinned man child. Then you start to wonder if others saying the same things as him are like that and if their ilk should be taken seriously at all.

Maza, in his quest to silence and censor, has never made his opposition louder…with Crowder.

And this is always the pattern. The establishment attempts to silence dissent, and as a result, people flock to hear what the other side is saying that’s so horrible only to find that it’s not horrible at all. Goliath gets a little smaller.

Sadly, for Maza, he didn’t just bring people to Crowder’s doorstep. He hurt them.

This is not going to end well for Maza.


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