WATCH: Whoopie Goldberg's Desperate Search for a Solid Pro-Abortion Argument Results In Vulgarity

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The ladies of “The View” are always a good place to find some of the most ridiculous statements on television, even giving CNN a run for its money…or whatever money CNN has left.


Usually, it’s Joy Behar with the really out there comments, but it would seem that Whoopie Goldberg is totally ready to take her turn on the eye-roll-ercoaster after she heard some pro-life comments from former UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

As Sister Tolja covered further in-depth, Haley recently spoke at a Susan B. Anthony List event and said that pro-life women are told that they must conform to the pro-abortion agenda and do so in the name of feminism. Haley said that this kind of “feminism” isn’t real feminism and that it’s important to stay true to yourself and others.

This kind of individualistic thinking didn’t sit well with Goldberg, who began ranting about Haley’s stance, first by firing off a popularly used fringe statistic.

“So let me get this straight, so giving a woman a choice about what to do with her body is anti-feminist?” Goldberg said.

“You have the right never to have an abortion,” she continued. “You have that right, and I support that. But what about the 9-year-old girl who gets raped by a family member or some thug in the street? Why are you taking her mother’s discussion with her family, with their choices, why are you taking it out of their hands? See to me, you taking choice from people is anti-human.”


Less than one percent of abortions are performed due to incest or rape according to the New York Times.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how not killing a child in the womb is “anti-human.” I realize that both sides are divided on what constitutes a child vs a fetus, but the argument has become so polarized that the left has begun denying that unborn children are even human. They’re definitely not something else before they’re born. They’re not a panda or an airplane. They’re definitely human, and I think science would readily agree with this.

Killing a human could definitely be considered “anti-human.”

Goldberg continues, however. She goes into questioning where women will go for something like a vaginal check if places like Planned Parenthood closed, prefacing the question with “maybe I’m dumb.”

I don’t think Goldberg is dumb, but I do think she’s mightily ignorant if she doesn’t know that you can get checked out by many standard clinics which are far more numerous than Planned Parenthood locations. In fact, the standard clinic can do everything a Planned Parenthood can do medically but also do far more, and they outnumber PP 20 to 1.


That said, I got the impression that Goldberg knew she had backed herself in the corner with her argument. She spewed forth the word salad that often comes from someone not knowing what they’re talking about or trying to make up a lie on the spot. I assume this is why Goldberg stuck with the old go-to of saying something bombastic if you can’t say anything smart.

You know…the Behar way.

“I don’t say that everybody has to believe, but I say you want to have choice. I don’t want you in my coochie,” she added. “You don’t want me in yours, either.”

Finally, something we both agree on.



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