Failing CNN Now Paying Its Freelancers 90 Days After Work Is Done

In a testament to their lack of financial stability, a letter was recently sent out by CNN parent company Warner Media informing contracted freelancers for CNN that payment for their work will reach them 90 days after their invoice is originally submitted.


In a Twitter thread by freelancer Marcus DiPaola, the notice went out notifying freelancers that the change is occurring because it aligns “with our corporate requirements.” It also notes that they are working with Citi in order to create a financial tool that will hopefully get freelancers paid faster than 90 days.

As DiPaolo notes, this is going to hurt freelancers who do work for CNN and that it’s the same as financing their own paycheck.

DiPaolo posted the letter received by one of CNN’s freelancers in a tweet.

This is just one more blow in a long list of problems CNN has been having lately. Its ratings in April were an unmitigated disaster, with CNN bringing in around 700,000 viewers during their primetime lineup, with its key demographic looking even worse at 180,000 in the 25-54 age range. That’s a 26 percent cut in its audience from last year.


CNN is also having to go through additional layoffs while closing its London location. According to Jeff Zucker, this is happening because the network is losing $10 million annually.

CNN has always placed last behind Fox News and MSNBC. Even its lineup doesn’t have one show in the top 25 of cable news shows. After the release of the Mueller report, both it and MSNBC took a viewership hit. Even Rachel Maddow’s ratings continue to fall, though not nearly as bad as CNN’s.

Sadly for CNN’s freelancers, it looks as if they will now take a hit too. What this does for CNN overall coverage is yet to be seen, but it’s a pretty decent look into how bad things are going for a once household name.


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