Baltimore Police Release Video Showing Assaults by Teens Occurring On Memorial Day

Screenshot: Baltimore PD (YouTube) Uploaded by Brandon Morse

Baltimore Police have released footage from body cameras and street cameras of some of the mayhem that occurred in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Memorial Day.


According to, the video was released by request of the Baltimore Sun, and showcased a variety of incidents where teens and young adults resorted to violence, sometimes for indiscernible reasons, and sometimes for what appear to be racial reasons.

In a few scenes, officers are forced to run toward fights and apprehend those responsible for starting the violence. In others, some teens can be seen running toward the police officers for safety, with one team literally sprinting into the arms of a police officer who then attempt to calm him down.

Another shows a group of black teens beating up a white male until officers push them all aside and rescue him. Another shows a black teen standing atop a stoop and kicking an unsuspecting white male in the face as he walked by. The white male kept walking, while the black male seemed to get a congratulatory hand slap from a friend.

Another incident features a gang of black teens beating up a white male until an officer intervenes and pulls them off of him.

Watch the entirety of the accumulated footage below.

Baltimore police say that six people were arrested, including an 11-year-old boy who was charged with disorderly conduct according to Authorities are still searching for the teen on the stoop who kicked the passerby.


A Baltimore P.D. official said that this doesn’t seem to phase his officers anymore:

Col. Richard Worley, the Baltimore Police Department’s chief of patrol who responded to the scene that night, said the video provides a good sense of what occurred.

“They were just randomly fighting with each other,” he said of the groups of youths as the video played at police headquarters.

Worley said he already has completed an after-action review of the events, and determined his officers did a “tremendous” job handling everything.

“Our officers don’t get rattled by this stuff anymore,” Worley said. The events of downtown, while larger in scale, were similar to other events that occur in districts all across the city on any given night, he said.

Even many in the videos don’t seem to be shocked by the violence and running going on around them as the police show up and intervene, sometimes by surprise.



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