CNN Faces More Layoffs as Network Loses Millions of Dollars Annually

CNN isn’t doing so well and it shows. Not only are its ratings an unmitigated disaster, but it’s also now being forced to layoff even more employees as it bleeds millions of dollars.


According to The Guardian, CNN head Jeff Zucker said the network was losing $10 million annually, forcing the network to now close down its central London office and laying off at least a dozen employees:

The announcement was made by Jeff Zucker, the CNN boss, at a “town hall” meeting on Tuesday in the company’s office in central London.

Staff, including some managers whose shows were affected, were given no advance warning of the announcement, according to some of those present. Zucker told them that the international channel was losing $10m (£8m) a year, according to those present.

CNN’s London channel will not go away, but will now show more programs from America as well as repeats of its most popular program, however, some shows will be cut completely:

Viewers of CNN International will see less material produced in London in the short term, with the total amount to be cut by 90 minutes a day.

The channel, aimed at a global audience, will instead show more simulcasts of the main US CNN network, extra repeats of the flagship Christiane Amanpour programme and additional programming produced out of CNN’s Abu Dhabi office, according to staff at the meeting.

London-based shows such as the discussion programme CNN Talk will be cut completely as the company focuses its British office on its online offering at the expense of its traditional TV channels.


CNN isn’t necessarily known for being a popular network to watch, even in America. As it stands, CNN does not have a show that ranks in the top 25 programs offered by the big three cable news channels, including Fox News and MSNBC.

Just last April, CNN lost 26 percent of its primetime audience, with only 767,000 viewers tuning in. Compare that to MSNBC with 1.660 million total viewers, and Fox News leading them both with an audience of 2.395 million during primetime hours.

According to one study by the Media Research Center, you’re more likely to run into a witch in America than a CNN viewer. That likelihood is only increasing.

The network hasn’t fared well when compared to the other networks regularly, though the network suffered a very serious blow to its ratings after the release of the Mueller report, which cleared President Donald Trump of collusion and obstruction of justice. The network has had a very antagonistic relationship with the President, and the feeling has been mutual.

Many in America have since tuned out of CNN, and appear to continue to tune out by the day.


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