The Brexit Party Steamrolled the Competition and Nigel Farage Says He's Not Done Yet

In one of the biggest political revolutions of the modern era, a six-week-old Brexit party headed by Nigel Farage swept the elections in Britain, claiming over 30 percent of the vote and leaving far more established parties in the dust.


Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Farage suggested that this was merely the beginning and that the Brexit party’s victory should be the U.K.’s proverbial shot heard round the world.

Farage noted that the victory was a result of promises from the establishment parties to pull Britain out of the E.U., but upon not accomplishing that task at the set date, voters were ready to jump ship and put their faith in a party that would.

“The two parties, labor and conservative, absolutely told us at the last general election they would implement our will. They haven’t done so,” said Farage. “When people woke up on March the 30th this year and realized we hadn’t left the European Union, that’s when in large number they became ready to vote for a different party.”

Farage reiterated that the Brexit party was only six weeks old, and called its victory “one hell of an achievement,” and that this should put things in perspective as the next “leave” date is October 31, and that it will become a bigger factor as we get closer to it.

“If we don’t leave on the 31st of October, then the Brexit party will go on to a general election and stun everybody there too,” he said.

The Brexit party leader said he’s willing to work with any conservative that is truly willing to have the U.K. out of the E.U. by the end of October, but noted that the Brexit party is comprised of businessmen who are used to making deals and that since they’re going to be in Brussels now anyway, should be utilized to create the best exit deal possible. He did warn viewers, however, that conservative party leaders did vote for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which Farage called “Brexit in name only.”


Farage was asked how he feels about changing the face of politics, and he answered that he reentered the political ring after initially retiring after the first Brexit vote was victorious.

“I believe this is a great country. I believe we should be a self-governing, independent, democratic nation, and we should reach out to a world much bigger than Europe,” said Farage. “The Commonwealth, America, many other places that effectively we turned our backs on.”

Farage indicated that they’re currently being ruled by “bullies” within the E.U. leadership.

“I want us to be free and independent,” said Farage.

“I will not stop until we have achieved that goal,” he later added.



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