Anti-Gay Attack In Manhattan Subway Turns Out to be Completely Fake

A gay man claimed that he was assaulted in a homophobic attack by two men in a New York subway, but after investigation, the attack turned out to be a fabricated story with the gay man as the actual aggressor.


According to the New York Post, initial reports state that around 7 p.m. on a northbound A Train at Chambers Street, two men began shouting anti-gay comments at a straphanger (a person standing on a subway train, holding the leather straps on the roof) before attacking him physically.

However, after police interviewed witnesses, the story began to change drastically. As it turned out, the gay man was the aggressor the entire time and no homophobia ever surfaced:

Police interviewed multiple people, however, who witnessed the incident and said the straphanger was the aggressor. Video obtained by police allegedly shows him spitting at subway riders when the suspects-turned-victims step in and try to stop him.

Cops believe the man was drunk and that no gay slurs were ever made. He suffered a laceration to his head while being subdued, according to officials.

Despite spitting on others and lying to police, New York authorities say that no charges will be pressed.

This yet another fake attack claim by someone from the LGBT community claiming to be a victim of widespread homophobia. Previously, “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett made national headlines after he claimed he was attacked for being gay and black, though as it turned out, he himself was the perpetrator of his own attack.


The way our society works is that those who supposedly rank lower on the societal totem pole should be believed the moment they make a claim. This is why Smollett and this Manhattan straphanger were believed upon initial tellings, perpetrating a lie and sewing more distrust and discord within our communities.

At some point, we should start coming down hard on those who would spread lies like these, and attempt to frame others for crimes they never committed.


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