Britain's Prime Minister Resigned In Tears Over Brexit Failures, but Many British Voters Have Zero Sympathy

The Brexit Saga has had more intrigue and underhanded maneuvering than a season of Game of Thrones. Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016 in order to win its independence back from unelected bureaucrats who have done nothing but cripple Britain’s economy and institute dangerous policies.


After the vote was complete, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May was to oversee her country’s departure from the EU, but instead mucked up the withdrawal.

Her tears at the end of her statement drew a good deal of sympathy from many, but according to Summit News, there are many British voters who don’t feel sorry for her at all.

“Stop feeling sorry for Theresa May,” tweeted radio show host Julia Hartley-Brewer. “She didn’t serve the country that she loved, as she claimed. She worked for three years to undermine the biggest democratic vote in our country’s history. She served her own interests to stay in office. She has brought our country to its knees.”

Former Conservative Party MP David Mellor said that he feels no sympathy for May at all, given the fact that she left the party in a much deeper hole after former Prime Minister had also resigned after leaving the party in a horrible state.


Comedian Lee Hurst also feels zero sympathy for May after failing to give the British the exit from the EU that they voted for on time, and even added that she had zero intention to.

“I have zero sympathy for Theresa May,” said Hurst. “She is a liar. Over 100 times she said “we are leaving on the 29th” we did not. We could have. She could have suspended parliament, run the clock down and we would have been out. She did not. She had no intention of taking us out. Ta ta.”

“People, save your sympathy for someone who deserves it, not someone who has lied, connived and conspired to betray you. You’re better than that,” he later added.



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