Kamala Harris Lost Her Tweet Calling Healthcare Providers Racist, but Don't Worry, We Found It

Democratic 2020 candidate from California Kamala Harris took to Twitter on Wednesday to play the race card when it came to how people are treated in the clinic.


“When Black women walk into a clinic or doctor’s office or a hospital, they are not taken as seriously as other women simply because they are Black,” tweeted Harris. “This due to racial bias and my Maternal CARE Act will address this problem.”

This essentially is Harris labeling doctors, nursing staff, and more as racist before ever having met any of them. In essence, it’s a lazy attempt to keep racism alive in places it’s not like to exist. This is only going to serve to turn the medical community against her. Judging by some of the responses to it, it definitely angered medical practitioners.



Not only that, as one Twitter user pointed out, Harris deemed to speak for all black women and she has zero right to.

If Harris was looking to be viewed as heroic it had the exact opposite effect, and the trouble with the internet is that once something is up there it never truly goes away, even if you delete it.

This is just the latest trip-up from the Harris campaign. On Tuesday it was discovered that Harris pays her female staffers less than men not long after she promised to fine companies that do so.

So not only is Harris making herself look unappealing to businesses, she’s also making herself seem like a pariah in the medical community with unfounded accusations of racism.

Alienation looks good on no one.




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