Journos from Prominent News Publications Found to Have Working Relationships With Antifa

After mapping the social interactions of 58,254 Antifa accounts on the social network Twitter, Dr. Eoin Lenihan found that many journalists from major publications such as The Guardian, Vox, and more had a direct working relationship with the Antifa members.


Lenihan posted his findings to Twitter where he put up a chart showing Antifa area accounts with their related members.

He then shortened that dataset to only 1.65 percent of the total, leaving them with the accounts that are the most connected to the various official Antifa accounts with a minimum of eight connections or more. According to Lenihan, some had far more than just eight.

As the data came out, Lenihan found more than a few journalists with a multitude of connections to Antifa.

These journalists highlighted in green are verified accounts on Twitter. Some of these names weren’t even small-fry as Lenihan points out. His first tweet focuses on a writer for The Guardian.

Another journalist is an investigator for the Southern Poverty Law Center, Michael Edison Hayden.

We also find a senior writer at the Huffington Post known for spreading doxes of alleged members of the far right before it’s even known if they actually are members or not. This has led to the doxing of an innocent man.

In fact, HuffPo’s Mathias seems to be the most connected journalist to Antifa according to Lenihan.


The Huffington Post’s relationship with doxers seems to be close. Lenihan claims that he was in contact with doxers who, at one point, had working relationships a HuffPo reporter. They were apparently paid to find out personal information of suspected members of the alt-right, which was then handed over to HuffPo. One doxer admitted that they handed over some information about an individual they knew wasn’t a Nazi at all.

So not only are some of the journalists who are writing hit pieces and spreading radical leftist ideas from prominent publications attached to an official domestic terrorist group, at least one journalist is paying to have information gathered about various people and using it to attack them. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if these people are confirmed as alt-right figures or not, the attacks happen anyway.

This is stunning information, yet not surprising.


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