Model Emily Ratajkowski Gets Naked and Promotes the Abortion of Black Babies

(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Normally I’d have to cop to the fact that a title like the one you just clicked on is pure click-bait, but in this case, me telling you what supermodel Emily Ratajkowski actually did is a very direct description. No sensationalism needed.


Ratajkowski is popular for two things. One is getting naked, and the other is left-wing activism. In a single tweet about the passage of the Alabama abortion law, Ratajkowski managed to do both simultaneously.

The model uploaded two images within a tweet. One of which was a nude picture of herself with a hand covering her breasts and a pink petal of some kind covering her nethers. I’d like to tell you stripping down is the most attention-grabbing thing about her tweet, but like most leftist activists, her unthinking virtue signaling in her second picture containing a paragraph she had written exposes more of her ridiculousness than the tweet does her skin.

According to Ratajkowski, white men of the patriarchy are oppressing black women because they’re preventing them from killing their children out of convenience. This is apparently all a scheme to perpetuate the “industrial prison complex.”

Let me break down what Ratajkowski just said, because I’m not even sure she knows she said it.

Ratajkowski basically said that black women need to be able to easily kill their babies in the womb because if they’re born, they’re just going to wind up in prison anyway.

Either the supermodel is a member of the pre-crime division of Minority Report, or she doesn’t have a very high opinion of the black community. Even if this is just an overlooked gaffe — and it likely is — Ratajkowski has indicated that she associates black people with prison without thinking about it much.


But even dismissing all of that, Ratajskowksi has perceived the enemy of “women’s rights” to be that dastardly patriarchy. The problem here is that she’s aiming at the wrong group. White men passed the bill. This is true. However, white men aren’t leading the charge of the pro-life movement.

That honor belongs to women. It’s Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey, that is going to sign the bill into law. It’s women who lead most of the pro-life groups in America. It’s primarily women who take part in the annual March for Life.

Men may have passed the bill through to the governor’s desk, but it’s women who are doing the groundwork that puts momentum into the pro-life movement, and gets bills like these passed.


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