Audience Member Calls Police Because Comedian Told Offensive Joke at Comedy Club

Comedy is now against societal rules, or at least many would have it that way. Freedom of speech and expression is absolutely promoted, so long as said speech and expression falls in line with the left’s politically correct rules of peer to peer engagement. Step out of bounds and someone who is offended may call the police on you.


And that’s exactly what happened recently in Florida.

According to WBBH-TV, comedian Ahmed Ahmed was performing at ‘Off The Hook Comedy Club’ on Sunday, when he made a joke about how many Middle Easterners were in the room. According to the caller, the joke revolved around forming a terrorist cell amongst them. This caused the caller to become frightened, and phoned it into the police:

The caller said about “25 Muslims” were at the show, claiming to be from Iran and Iraq. Later, Ahmed allegedly said, “We could organize our own terrorist organization.”

“I don’t know if it’s fear, racism, ignorance, or Islamophobia, or whatever you want to call it,” Ahmed said. “It’s unfortunate that somebody was very adamant about making a point to make a 911 call.”

The person admitted to the dispatcher that they called deputies because they felt uncomfortable after the comment and asked if something like that should be said. The caller was concerned Ahmed would say the same comment again, in a later performance.


“I think [Ahmed] said – I don’t want to misquote the joke – he said, ‘I knew there was at least one of us in here.’ Then he pauses, and then he goes, ‘Comedians of course. Comedians,'” Brien Spina, Off the Hook Comedy Club CEO said. “And so everybody in their mind thinks that he’s going to say something like a terrorist or something, but he says comedians, and that’s the joke. So I think the guy wasn’t even probably paying attention.”

The sad thing here is that we’ve forgotten that dark humor is still humor. The idea that a man of Middle Eastern ethnicity can’t even make a joke about being a terrorist proves just how serious we take everything nowadays. Usually, a person self-denigrating his own race was supposed to be a safe form of comedy.

What caught my attention, however, is when the caller asked if something like that should even be said, almost as if we shouldn’t be allowed to talk that way.

The thing about comedy is that it’s a great disinfectant. Being able to laugh with one another in the face of very serious things helps bring us together as a people. Saying this kind of thing is exactly what needs to be said. We all need to share a laugh with one another instead of taking things so seriously as a society.

Thanks in large part to the political correctness forced on us by the left, humor is now “dangerous.” Sadly, this has infected everyone. People of all stripes have become to say things outside of hushed whispers with trusted friends for fear of upsetting someone. Now, even comedy clubs aren’t safe.

Bring back funny.




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