WATCH: Nigel Farage Hands the BBC's Pompous Rear to Itself During Heated Interview

The BBC thought it would steamroll over the leader of the Brexit party, Nigel Farage, but true to form, Farage made something of a fool out of the network as he proceeded to dismiss gotcha questions and highlighting its incompetence.


As highlighted by the Daily Caller, BBC News host Andrew Marr had Farage on Sunday for an interview about the Brexit party. Marr, however, decided to ask him questions about things that have nothing to do with the party, and more about controversial things that Farage had said or done in the past.

This naturally caused Farage to become angry, and he proceed to explode at Marr.

“Here we are with one of the biggest changes in politics that has ever occurred and you’re not even interested. What is wrong with the BBC?” Farage said with clear annoyance.

Marr attempted to ignore Farage and popped off a question about his stance on gun control, but Farage wasn’t having it.

“I’ve been going around the country speaking at packed rallies every night and do you know who is not there? The BBC — and from this line of questioning now I can see why. You are just not interested, are you?”

Marr, like he was reading off of a checklist, asked if Farage if he’s still uncomfortable with foreign languages being spoken on trains.

Farage urged Marr to discuss the politics at hand in regards to Brexit, and called what was happening in that moment ludicrous.

“This is absolutely ludicrous. I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this,” Farage continued. “You are not prepared to talk about what is going on in this country today. You’re in denial. The BBC is in denial. The Tory and Labour parties are in denial.”


Farage also attempted to work out what Marr’s questions were here, to which Marr tried to say that he’s merely trying to understand the leader behind the Brexit party. Farage pointed out that there have been no questions as to other members of the Brexit party, and haven’t commented on the party’s diversity. The Brexit leader noted that this in itself would be more interesting to BBC’s viewers, not dredging up old things Farage had said in the past.

The BBC has done quite a bit of gotcha journalism recently.

Last week, Ben Shapiro cut an interview with the BBC short after host Andrew Neil attempted to paint conservative positions as “barbaric” while the left’s ideas were “fresh.” Shapiro was forced to ask Neil whether he was “an objective journalist, or are you an opinion journalist.” After some time of receiving more insults and gotcha questions, Shapiro ended the interview, uninterested in continuing what was definitely a hit segment.

As Farage noted in his tweet containing his own BBC interview, the UK isn’t just fighting the political class, but the BBC as well. Judging from its behavior, I’d say he’s not too far off the mark.


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