Congratulations to Men for Once Again Proving We Beat Women at Everything

I’m a big fan of the patriarchy, and it’s simply due to the fact that the patriarchy is filled with winners. In fact, we’re so good at winning and getting recognition for our accomplishments, that even when the recognition and awards are meant for women, men still walk away with the “W.”


For instance, a big shoutout to all the drag queens and transgendered folk out there who dress like or identify as women taking over Mother’s Day. The day is supposed to celebrate the women who have grown a person in their womb for nine months before putting their heart, soul, and body into bringing up their children. Even those mothers who have adopted children in order to allow them to experience maternal love that they’d otherwise have been a stranger to.

As Bonchie covered in a Sunday post, Chips Ahoy celebrated drag moms, which was celebrated by the transgender community as a recognition of not only mothers who support their trans or drag kids, but those men who identify as mothers themselves. Nothing pleases me more than to watch my team get such a massive interception as men being celebrated on Mother’s Day. A true testament to our skill and resolve. This was almost as exciting as when sports legend Caitlyn Jenner won “Woman of the Year.”

And I need to use sports as a metaphor on this subject either.

A YUGE shoutout to my boys showing women what it is to be a champion. I’m talking dudes like Terry Miller of Bloomfield High School and Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell High School who absolutely trounced the girls at their high schools in track events like the winners they are. Also, mad props to my bro Rachel McKinnon, the Canadian cyclist, who not only identifies as a woman but can now identify as a gold medal winner after showing those biological females the back of his bike.


Let’s not leave out weight lifting champ Mary Gregory, who not only has to heft weights along with his still attached manhood, but also had to carry the weight of nine gold medals before the weight of women losing was too much to bear and they unfairly stripped this champ of his rightful place at the top.

And I’d be remiss not to mention the now-retired MMA legend Fallon Fox, who got paid and cheered on while he literally beat women into submission in the ring, all while donning the mantle of “woman” along with his fighting gloves. A true warrior.

One thing is deniable. Men are just better than women in everything, including things where women are the only ones who can qualify for the specific award or recognition. Men can’t be stopped.

A huge shout out to the folks in the mainstream media and social justice communities for proving that the patriarchy is the unstoppable force they say it is.


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