Abortion Advocates Attempt to Hijack Mothers Day In Bizarre and Disturbing Ways

If abortionists hate one thing, it’s the celebration of parenthood. Every Mother’s Day is a reminder that people out there are choosing life over supporting the narratives and methods of the holocaust that is the abortion industry.


So, in order to make it seem like their narrative thrives, even on days that deep down are a celebration of new life, abortion advocates craft narratives that latch on and distort the ideas behind the celebration of giving birth and raising children. One such example is pro-abortionists using the hashtag #ParentsHaveAbortion.

Abortion advocacy group “We Testify” attempted to paint aborting your children as a way to make you and your other children’s lives more meaningful and fulfilling.

And another.

Another attempted to link the right to parent with the right to abortion.


And if you’re wondering why they’re using the word “parents” instead of “mothers” after hearing for so long that men should have absolutely no say in the matters of abortion unless it’s to support it, it’s because they want non-binary and trans mothers to feel like they’re being included in the pro-abortion mothers day festivities as well.

While Planned Parenthood didn’t exclusively use the hashtag, they too got into the pro-abortion parent trend. Alexandra DeSantis of National Review pointed out that Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen sent out a fundraising email on Mother’s Day that if it weren’t for the abortion giant, she would have never been a mother.

To make this clear, the number one abortion provider in the nation is hijacking Mother’s Day to raise funds to continue to convince women to deprive themselves of the chance to be a mother.

And lest you think this is only directed at women, I’d like to remind you that the “#ParentsHaveAbortion” hashtag uses the term “parents” instead of mothers. The central theme is that it’s not just women who get abortions, but also trans men.


A group called Black Mamas Matter Alliance posted a depiction of masculine women (or feminine men?) holding children, with one even pregnant with child.

This is a clear bastardization of a celebratory day meant to honor women who have gone through the rewarding and painful process of giving birth to and/or rearing children. Abortionists are making this more about killing children and social issues than allowing mothers to have their moment in the spotlight.


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