This Letter to the New York Times Shows How Much Social Justice Has Damaged Society

Seton Motley | Red State |

Looking at our society today can be a sad thing. Common sense has taken a hike and people are afraid to speak without political correctness restraining every other word for fear of their lives being ruined by the PC police and associated mobs.


It’s even making us uneasy about doing the right thing as one woman who wrote to the New York Times indicated.

The letter, published by New York Times Magazine, was written by a Missouri woman who was in her home when they noticed a black man attempting to gain access to nearby cars. After breaking into an unlocked car, she yelled out “I see you getting into that car!” causing the man to run away.

She then called the police, but according to the letter, that’s when the guilt set in:

Break-ins are fairly common in my neighborhood, and this isn’t the first time that I’ve witnessed what appeared to be a theft and called the police. It was, however, the first time I was certain the suspicious person was a black man. I immediately felt a pang of guilt for calling the police and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, given the tragic way things too often end between police and people of color.

I feel an obligation to my family and my neighbors to report crimes. But I’d rather have my car broken into than have a person’s life ruined by my 911 call. And honestly, I don’t even know if it’s a crime to open someone’s unlocked vehicle.

She finished the letter by wondering if she was becoming the kind of woman who just arbitrarily calls the police on black people because they’re black. While this may seem like a silly thing worthy of a chuckle (and it kind of is) this is a striking indication of how far the social justice infection has progressed in our society.


There are people out there who believe that calling the police when there are actual crimes being committed in front of them is a bad idea if the person is black. It’s admirable that this woman is concerned for the safety of black people, but she’s only this concerned because the social justice left has convinced people that police are all cruel to black people beyond a shadow of a doubt.

While police and certain black communities do have a contentious relationship, to paint all police as cruel to black people — or even hunters of them by some accounts — is wrong, but this has been done so effectively that the myth of the idea of all police being the enemy of black people has become false common knowledge or a mass delusion.

The untrust breeds untrust and problems really do occur.

People are now afraid to actually do their civic duty of enforcing and keeping the peace. They’re ready to stand by and allow evil to happen in front of them because they fear that to stop that evil is an evil act in itself.

This is what social justice does to a society. It collapses it from within.


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