Left Cool With Murdering Human Babies, but Get Sad About Death of Baby Eels

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Just to show you where the left is at in terms of what it feels sad about versus what it doesn’t, the comfort, safety and well-being of baby eels — yes, the flat, snake-like aquatic animals that look like every wicked witch from the movies — currently rank higher on the list of importance than human babies do.


As first highlighted by the Resurgent, a couple of left-leaning academics decided to get down to the important task of ranking cookbooks, rating them on how many animals die in the course of the preparation of the meal.

According to the academics, Paula Dean actually placed first as the safest cookbook but in last was Mario Batali with his cookbook “Molto Gusto,” which calls for the use of 567 baby eels in one of its recipes.

The disturbing part is just how the two academics talk about their concern for the pain the baby eels experience as they are killed for the dish:

By far the deadliest cookbook was Batali’s Molto Gusto, with 620 deaths (5.25 per recipe) driven by its use of 567 baby eels. Eels might not be high on your list of animals whose welfare we should care about, but like most species of fish, they probably experience pain and deserve animal welfare consideration.

I just picture a lot of people on the left reading this report and nodding along sympathetically, thinking sadly of all the baby eels that are being murdered just so unappreciative humans can have their delicacies.


Meanwhile, at the end of 2017 when Planned Parenthood was celebrating their 101st birthday, their kill count of human children was at 7,132,130. For reference, that’s more confirmed kills than the Vietnam War, the American Civil War, the Korean War, and the Iraq war combined.

Planned Parenthood also kills roughly 300,000 babies every year.

It’s sad that the left seems more concerned about the “pain” of baby eels and give more thought to the “welfare consideration” of eels than actual human children.

Tl;Dr: Baby eels > baby humans, at least to the left.


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