MTV News Reporter: "White Disabled Men are Violent"

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On Tuesday, an article from MTV News began making the rounds across the internet lamenting the fact that Hollywood was ableist, with the proof being Avengers: Endgame was three hours long. The movie’s length was a challenge to those who had disabilities, as restroom breaks would be a hassle.


The author of the piece, Vilissa Thompson, received backlash from members of the disabled community, specifically YouTuber Ricky Berwick, who released a short video on Twitter saying that he’s seen Avengers: Endgame twice and that Thompson shouldn’t speak for the disabled community if she wasn’t disabled herself.

In fairness, Thompson is a disabled activist, yet Berwick made it clear that she shouldn’t be speaking for him.

This apparently triggered an avalanche of tweets coming at Thompson, who took the social justice route and began highlighting the fact that she’d been “harassed” for 24 hours and that one or several accounts on Twitter had finally labeled her the n-word.

She then continued by stating that she’d been called the n-word for over 24 hours and that she’s not shaken by it.


She said she’d kept quiet about the harassment, but said she’d break her silence once she was called the n-word, and that an unnamed person (though it’s clear she’s referring to Berwick) is obsessed with her, and his “horrid fans” are calling her “every name imaginable.”

Thompson finished by proclaiming that “white disabled men are violent.” She then encouraged her supporters to block and report others, adding “that’s how you support and defend.”

Berwick had made it clear before that while sending funny memes and comments to Thompson was perfectly fine, he discouraged personal attacks against her.


A disabled white man also joined in to comment on Thompson’s claim that white men are violent. He poked fun at Berwick lightheartedly but said that calling him “violent” was dumb. He also made it clear that when you’re on the internet, you’re probably going to get people trolling with racism.

While I agree that racist comments and personal attacks aren’t okay, Thompson did engage in wide sweeping generalizations against white crippled men. Berwick actually dissuaded personal attacks while Thompson engaged in them.

(h/t: The Quartering)


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